Nordkapp to Jäckvik 
60 days solo on skis
"A lot of people ask me WHY?  I say WHY NOT?"

I want to celebrate & empowering women all over the world “ for centuries men have been celebrated as adventurers and conquerors and I think it’s about time young girls had someone to inspire them that not only are they as good as men but that they to can achieve anything they set their minds to and we can deal with loneliness, cold and extremely difficult conditions better than any man. We are as strong as we have to be. 

2018 when I started my ski expedition from North Cape, I came from eight years in Australia and had never skied, slept in a tent winter time, navigate or been north of Stockholm in Sweden. 

I crossed Finnmarksvidda with temperatures reaching down to minus 37, I skied six days without seeing other people. I loved every minute of that journey.  It’s something about the challenge to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.  I learned so much on this expedition and didn't want it to end. But the spring catched me and the ice on the lake opened up and I was skiing in water the last two days, I made a decision to end the expedition. I had then spent two months in the mountains and was happy with what I had achivied.