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Hello Byron Bay

We changed our plans again end decided to bike to Byron Bay today instead and will stay two nights here and on Sunday we are heading to Mt Warning before Gold coast.

We only had about 45 km to bike today, most of it hills up and down, I mange to get a flat tire too, My first one so far. We are staying at the Backpackers here but we have our own room, and we are sharing kitchen and bathroom with another room, but no one lives there atm.

We arrived here 3 pm had a quick shower ) we biked through road work today on a wet dirt road and i ended up behind jakob, do i need to say more! mud mud and more mud, i was covered in mud!


I have heard a lot about Byron bay and wasn't sure if i would like it at all,. but so far i think it's pretty nice. Love all the health food they have here. We have already enjoyed Acai bowls, healthy brownie and cheese cake. Can't wait for breakfast here tomorrow. We also got to see a beautiful Sunset over the mountains, you could see the peak of Mt Warning, the mountain we are going to climb on Sunday.

And more exciting, we have booked our Fraser Island trip 3 days, 2 nights on the biggest Sand Island in the world. I'm very excited to go there. Lot's of Dingos there and other wildlife, When we get up to Whitsunday we have booked 3 days and 2 nights Sailing on a boat called Avatar with our own bedroom. It will be lots of snorkeling and beautiful beaches to relax at.

I'm off to bed now, tomorrow i will wake up early to go for a run up to the light house here and watch the sunrise and hopefully spot dolphins and wales.

~Byron Bay~

Can you see the highest peak on the Mountain to the right? That is where we are going on Sunday to climb it and hopefully see the sunset from there.

// Gina Johansen

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