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Fraser Island and Agnes Water

A little update from Fraser Island. We went on a tour with about 20 other people including a guide and 3 4WD. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island and also one of very few places in the world where the rain forest grows on sand, you found some of the cleanest and clearest lakes in the world on Fraser Island, you can drink the water from the lakes there and the rivers. They also have the most pure breed Dingos in Australia on Fraser Island.

The first day we went two different lakes, Lake Birrabeen and lake Boomanjin.

Lake Birrabeen Lake Boomanjin

As you can see it's different color on the lakes.

The red color comes from the tea trees around Lake Boomanjin.

After visiting the lakes we stopped for a short walk in the rain forest.

You see so many funny shapes on the trees in the rain forest. the one to the left is another tree growing around the tree on the inside and it will slowly kill the tree on the inside because it drinks the nutrition from that tree.

After that we went to the camp. It was already tent set up, we slept 3-4 people in each tent and we had a table set up, bbq, and cocking stove to cock our dinner and around the camp it was electric fence to keep the Dingos out from the camp. It was getting really cold in the evening, the sky was so clear and the stars was amazing. I have never seen a sky so clear with so many stars on before,. It was amazing! We stayed up to midnight chatting to new people about traveling and life. My night sleep that night wasn't very good. I was still dragging around on a bad cold and i woke up during the night few times.The next morning me and Jakob was up before 6 am to watch the sunrise at 75 mile beach right next to the camp that was really cool, so beautiful.

Our first stop on the second day was Eli Creek. Eli creek pours up to four million liters of fresh water into the ocean every hour and you can walk up the creek and float back down. We did that. and of course the water is very clean and you can drink it,

After lunch time we went to Indian head look out and champagne pools. The Champagne pools got the name from the rock pools where the waves washes in and the water foams and bubbles around you. At the Indian head look out you sometimes can spot whales, dolphins and sharks. we only saw one whale from far away and one sting ray. So it wasn't very exciting.

champagne pools

Indian head look out

Can you spot the sting ray on the first photo?

((Straight down here \/ you can spot the sting ray, it's just a dark shade))

The last day we went to McKenzie lake that is the most popular lake on Fraser. the water is so clear there.

Lake McKenzie

you can drink the water in the lake and as you can see it get's very deep quick.

We had a great time on Fraser and meet so many nice people. It's definitely worth going.

Here is the last photos from Fraser before leaving ..


Back on Harvey Bay we stayed another night with our host Steve and Matina. We stayed with them the night before Fraser Island too. Very friendly couple that cooked amazing dinner for us. Second night we stayed there we had homemade bread, cos cos salad and was sitting outside next to an open fire, the next morning they cooked us breakfast. Eggs, homemade bread, avocados.

This photo Steve and Matina took at me and Jakob before we left them.

Before we left Harvey bay we had to go to the bike shop and get a new tire to my bike, the outside slang had to many cuts so i keep getting flat tires, so annoying, Jakob had to go to the post office and we had to go to another shop to buy charger to two of our devices, we didn't leave Harvey bay before lunch time and we had 130 km to ride, We arrived in Bundaberg 9pm, so late and we were pretty tired. Tried to wake up early the next morning for another long ride to Agnes water, but we didn't leave Bundaberg till 10 am. We had to stock up with a bit of food etc. It's not much between Bundaberg and Agnes water. But after about 30 km it was a pub near the road so we went in there for pizza, nachos and ice cream. Still 90 km to go. loooong way!

After sweating in the heat and so badly felt like cold water or ice cream it was a small petrol station 60 km into our ride so we turned off the road 2 km in towards a little village to get ice cream and cold drink and on our way back out we decided to take a stupid short cut.

It was only gonna save us 2 km or something, the road was ok to start with but got pretty bad quick. we had to jump of and walk the bikes over the bush. Jakob said it was only 700 meter till the road, after 300 m it was a big fence and impossible to cross that with our bikes and we wasn't on a walking track we were just walking straight across the bush. It was just to turn around and go back!! and after we came out from that thick bush we jumped back on the bikes and jakob pretty much came 10 meter and his back rack broke. It took us about 1,5 hour extra before we were back on the right road again. Not fun when you have 67 km to ride and it was getting dark!

We rode for about 20 km and stopped to get lights and more clothes on and had a quick dinner. Back on road again we didn't came far before Jakob's rack broke again this time on another place, we stopped on a drive way to a house and an older man came out and asked if we needed help and asked if we wanted to stay the night so we decided to do that and fix the bike properly and ride to Agnes water early the next morning instead.

This country is just full of nice people.


Agnes Water

We are now finally in Agnes water and 1770. It's the last place you can surf on at the east coast before the great barrier reef start and also the last place you can swim in the ocean before you have to watch out for the jellyfishes and the Crocodiles.

We are staying with two lovely people Bronwyn and her husband Johnny at their place near the beach for two nights. They are great, last night they took us for pizza at 1770 and we were hoping to watch the sunset but it was to cloudy. Today we went down to the beach to surf, or Jakob and Johnny was surfing and i was taking photos. I'm not a surf person! When we were on Fraser Island we meet a Swedish couple Elia and Nina, they are also here in Agnes water now so they came down to beach and joined us, after the beach Johnny invited them and a German guy who also stays at the hostel to bring their lunch and cook it at Bronwyn and Johnnys house.

We had so much fun together. Johnny is full of energy and we had the guitar and drums out and Elia was singing and playing guitar and Johnny on the drums and we all had wig on. haha!

After that Johnny got the quad out and we all had a go on it. So much fun and great laughs.

It's so amazing how many wonderful and awesome people we have meet during our trip and we are only half way to Cairns.


Surfing in Agnes water


Tomorrow morning we riding 125 km to Gladstone. Next rest day will be in Mackay (550km away) we will stop there for two night before Whitsunday.

//Gina Johansen xx

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