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~ Couchsurfing experience in Morocco ~

You have probably heard about Couchsurfing, - people who open up their home for you to stay a night or more for free. It's a great way to meet likeminded people, learn about their culture and get the best tips what to do in the area. 

We have used Couchsurfing a lot when we cycled in Australia and we also couch surfed us through Switzerland and Italy and that was the best experience ever. We made so many friends.  We like to offer us to  cook dinner if we stay with somebody as they let us stay there for free. We also like to bring a little gift with us.   

Now I want to tell you about our Couchsurfing experience in Morocco. 

Our second night in Morocco was in Rabat the capital and we had organised a couchsurfer we stayed with there.  

We arrived just after 8 in the evening as they had Ramadan in Morocco at the time. 

It's law to follow Ramadan if you are Muslim in Morocco, so basically if you are an Moroccan you are Muslim.  

We parked our car outside Rabat and took a taxi into The city as we didn't want to drive in Rabat. Have I mention the traffic in Morocco?  If I say that Morocco has the highest accident rate in the world that will explain how it is to drive in Morocco

It was a lot of markets packed with people in Morocco, It wasn't easy to drive through them. 

Kersit lived in a bit more quieter part of Rabat, When we arrived he showed us around in his little appartment he and his younger sister shared together.

He gave us a pair of slippers to wear inside. But you wer