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-The Route, Nordkapp to Sälen.

Today I have been just over a week in Sweden, The time is flying. I have spent every day in front of the computer, the gym and back to the computer. It's feel like a never ending process to organise the trip . Now I just want to be up at North cape (Nordkapp) ready to go!  6 months of planning, thinking of this trip, finding information etc. It has just been a journey in itself. Maybe I can say that step one is soon ready and step two will start at North Cape (Nordkapp). 

I will share my route with you guys and places I will ski through on the way down and approximately  date when I will be there. It's also says how many days it will take approximately to ski every part and how many km I should do every day.  It's also says Tent Only or Huts available. It means at some places I maybe can sleep in a hut, However I'm not sure yet if I will do that yet. But at least I know that there are huts available along that route, If something happens or a storm is coming in I can take me to a hut.

You can found my route below, If you read this and are living near the places I will ski through, feel free to reach out to me if you would like to join me for a day on the skis, I will get bored out there on my own every day,.  I'm also looking for somebody who has photography skills who would like to come along one day to take some good photos and videos. So please feel free to reach out to me! 

If you would like to see the route on a map Click here


Route Plan Nordkapp to Sälen;

Nordkapp - Masi 11/2 -19/2

260 km, 9 days, 28 km a day, 

Only tent

Masi - Kilpisjärvi  19/2 -25/2

188 km, 6 days, 31 km a day.

Only tent

Kilpisjärvi - Abisko 25/2 -3/3

158 km, 6 days , 31,5 km a day

Only tent

Abisko - Kvikkjokk 3/3 -10/3