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I have finally made it up north

Hi from the arctic

I have finally made my way up north, I'm now in a place called Langfjordbotn it's a bit north from Alta. I'm staying in a camp called Lavvu arctic camp. You can read more about the place here

I have been sleeping outside in a Lavvu and also in my own tent, I have adapted to a simple living with out electricity and running water. I will stay here until Thursday and then go back to Alta, my pulka will be in Alta and my skis should be in Alta on the weekend as well. I won't start my trip on the 10th because of the equipment that got delayed. But that's okay. that means I get to spend more time in Alta.

The first couple of days I spent in Alta together with Stefan and Nina. I had the best time there. Nina took me skiing with the dogs, the weather was perfect. Cold, but sunny. I learned so much about dog sledding from Stefan who has worked with husky's for a long time.

How amazing isn't these photos that Nina took of me.