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I have finally made it up north

Hi from the arctic

I have finally made my way up north, I'm now in a place called Langfjordbotn it's a bit north from Alta. I'm staying in a camp called Lavvu arctic camp. You can read more about the place here

I have been sleeping outside in a Lavvu and also in my own tent, I have adapted to a simple living with out electricity and running water. I will stay here until Thursday and then go back to Alta, my pulka will be in Alta and my skis should be in Alta on the weekend as well. I won't start my trip on the 10th because of the equipment that got delayed. But that's okay. that means I get to spend more time in Alta.

The first couple of days I spent in Alta together with Stefan and Nina. I had the best time there. Nina took me skiing with the dogs, the weather was perfect. Cold, but sunny. I learned so much about dog sledding from Stefan who has worked with husky's for a long time.

How amazing isn't these photos that Nina took of me.

After 3 days with Nina and Stefan I went to Langfjordbotn to stay at Givianno's Lavvu arctic camp. I was the first "guest" to stay at the camp. Giacomo who runs the camp picked me up in Alta.

He is born in the Alps and has lot's of experience in the outdoor. He has skied Norway on langs. South to North. You can check out his Facebook page Man on the snow if you want to read more about his adventures.

The Lavvu Arctic Camp is a new project who Giacomo just started. He would like people to connect with the nature, being a real person in a real environment and not simply a "consumer abroad" , eat local food, share stories with each other, stay without a phone and experience something different. If you are interested to visit this amazing place check out the link above. You can also go skiing here, dog sledding etc. It's a really beautiful place.


So back to my trip.

. Coming from Sydney summer straight to the arctic and minus 20 is a challenge.

But my body seems to take it pretty good. It must be my Finnish blood.

The first 3 nights I slept in the Lavvu, it was very comfortable. I had the fire on before I went to sleep so it was nice and warm. a bit cold in the morning but it was okay. After 3 nights in the Lavvvu I slept in my tent. First night was a real challenge and I was asking myself why do I wanna do this, 2,5 months in this cold.? It was minus 20 and after been in the cabin in the heat and then go straight out to sleep in a cold tent in minus 20 is not something I would say I enjoy. Once you are in the sleeping bag it's really warm. But to get into the sleeping bag and waking up in the morning that is the hard part. The last 3 nights in the tent has been better. One night was about minus 15 and it was already more comfortable, last night was really warm minus 7 up to minus 3 . It was so nice. Sounds crazy to say that minus 3 is warm.

I have also started my Primus kitchen and I have been turning it on every evening and morning. Just to get used to it. In the beginning I had a bit of problem with it. I'm not sure why. I haven't really done anything different. But now it works good. Giacomo gave me a wooden piece that is covered in foil to keep the kitchen and fuel bottle on. He used it when he skied Norway on langs and he got it from a guy called Carl Alvey who used it when he crossed Greenland and The South Pole. Hopefully it will bring me the same luck as it has on previous expeditions.

You can see the wooden piece wrapped in foil on the photo above here.


// Gina Johansen xx


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