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Norge på langs 2019

On 6th of May my partner and I will start our traverse of Norway, Something they call NORGE PÅ LANGS in Norway. We will start at the southernmost point of Norway Lindesnes and walk to the Northernmost point North Cape ( 30 km north of our home town Honningvåg).

It will be a distance around 3000 km, which we are planning to take about 3,5 months to walk.

We will walk as much as possible over nature and mountains, but at some places we have to stick to the road. Maybe the biggest challenge will be Hardangervidda, we are hoping to cross Hardangervidda on skis and will be there towards end of May. The rivers can be a challenge that time of the year to cross. If you have any experience or know the area very well feel free to get in touch with us, maybe you can help us with the route over there.

We have spent about 2 months to plan this adventure. Setting the route, going through equipment and founding out where we can send out package of food has been the 3 main parts to plan this adventure.



We have to carry everything on our back so the weight has to be limited. Between two of us we are trying to stick to 40 kg. Our dog storm is walking with us as well and he will carry some of his own equipment. It’s all about to found the lightest equipment and don’t take more than you need.


On this link you can found our route.

This one can change along the way. But this is roughly our route. One of the evening activities will be to check the map every evening and found the best way to walk the following day. Talking to locals and people you meet along the way can quickly change the route or bad weather. VekstNordkapp has supported us with maps over Norway.

Food packages:

It won’t be possible to carry food for 3,5 months. So we have about 15 packages of food that will get sent out along the way. REMA 1000 HONNINGSVAG has sponsored us with food, INTERSPORT HONNINGSVAG has sponsored Storm with freeze dried food for dogs and also supported us with a good deal on Real Turmat to ourselves. Gas to our kitchen from Primus, energy bars from and Clifbar Sweden.

Dried meat from Beef jerky and Renjer supported from Destinatjon 71 and Renjer.

Energy kicks from Carly’s natural and Nocco Norway .