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Gina knew how to ride horses before she could walk, and learned early on how to dream big


Gina lives in Honningsvåg, Norway, the northernmost town in Europe together with her boyfriend Stig-Rune, step daughter Sofie and their pointer dog Storm. She is born in 1991 on the west coast of Sweden.

Following her dreams

Gina has always wanted to explore the wilderness and remote places. In 2018 she travelled to Europes northern most point, North Cape, to embark on her first solo expedition on skis to Jäckvik in Sweden. This despite recently returning to Scandinavia after 8 years in Australia, and never having skied, slept in a tent during winter, dealt with navigation or been north of Stockholm.

Expedition CV


Sydney to Cairns on a bicycle

2 700 km

While living in Sydney I decided to explore more of Australia, and cycled 2700 kilometer from Sydney to Cairns. This was the start of a life full of adventures.​


North Cape to Jäckvik solo on skis

1000 km, 60 days

I crossed Finnmarksvidda with temperatures reaching down to -37°. I loved every minute of my first solo adventure. Winter storms, northern lights, skiing for days without seeing other people, living with the Sami people and much more. She never returned to Sydney after this expedition, instead she booked a flight to Honningsvåg, and have never looked back since.


Solo crossing of Lake Baikal

700 km, 14.5 days

First women to cross Lake Baikal in Siberia by foot solo from South to North. The lake is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world​. Days with 50-60 km of walking, temperatures down to -40°, strong winds that knocked me over and crossing big ice cracks. I walked most of the days between 50-60km a day without any breaks more than for a drink, eating was done by walking. 


Norge på langs

2642 km, 102 days

Hiked from the southernmost point of Norway to the Northernmost point together with my partner, Stig-Rune and our dog, Storm.

I want to be a role model for children and teenagers. To inspire them to have an active lifestyle, reach their dreams and dare to face their fears. I'm adamant that anyone can follow in my footsteps to experience the elation of achieving a goal.

From the begining


Growing up on a horse farm in the country-side of Sweden, in a little town called Färgelanda, Gina learned how to ride before she could walk. In young age she competed both in show jumping and harness racing with her horses.
Already as a child she had a dream to work professional with horses and learned early to work hard and spent all her free time in the stable to train the horses.


At age 15 Gina left school to follow her childhood dream and moved to south of Sweden to work in a professional showjumping stable, Springfield farm for Alexander and Daniel Zetterman as a showgroom.  She spent 3,5 years in this role and traveled around Europe to some of the biggest internationell shows. They were long days, but very rewarding and character building days.

At 19 Gina wanted to see more of the world and moved to Sydney, Australia. She worked eight years in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry and have worked in some of the most succesful racing stables in the world as a track rider, stablehand and travelling track rider. She worked for Chris waller who was ranked number one in the world at the time , the famous Bart Cummings, known as the "cup king" and his son Anthony Cummings.

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