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The Great Pyramid Race

Little update from my race on Saturday. It was probably my hardest run so far.

It was only 12 km but 3 km of the race was up 922 meter elevation, pretty step and technical trail, lot's of rocks and climbing.

I only entered to the race few days before it, I wasn't sure if I was going to run it because I have been sick and not able to train much. But I thought It would be fun and good training. I can only learn from it.

The race day..

The start time was 2pm, pretty late usually races is on very early in the morning.

But I think because it was a big family event they have the race during the day.

Our friend Jeff drove me and Jakob out there, it is 25 mins south of Cairns. Saved us money and hassle to hiring a car and Jakob had someone to hang out with while I was running.

I always get so nervous before my race and at the start line,

Everybody sprinted off so quick at the start, it's 3 km flat running before the mountain.

I'm not very fast running flat or haven't trained much sprinting or speed work. Last time was before my injury in March and I since I have been in Cairns I have only run around the trails here and done few flat runs but they have been slow as soon as I get down to 5 min pace my legs feels tired,

So after the first km I saw on my watch I was running 4.20 pace and thought I need to slow down because otherwise I will be dead when I get to the mountain.

I had couple of people passing me but I tried not to worry about it,

I knew it will be hard to keep up to them at the' mountain because it is so step and I can't go very fast up. When I got to the mountain and the hill started I just wanted to give up.

My leg was aching and it was so bloody hot!! Of course I'm not going to give up, but I was thinking to myself why do I enjoy this, it is just so hard. haha! I passed lot's of people up the hill and didn't have anyone going pass me up the hill and back down and to the finish line so that was good.

Going down hill was easier but in the same time so hard because you have to watch your feet it is loose rocks and very technical. One step wrong and you are gone.