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Healthy chocolate balls,

I want to share my recipe on my healthy chocolate balls. I usually never use recipe when I bake healthy, I basically just add a bit of everything and it usually turns out good, if not you know what to do different next time.. I wrote down earlier this week what I have in my chocolate balls. The recipe can change a little bit depending on what we have at home.

But the main ingredients are;

  • Rolled oats

  • Dates (Soaked in hot water)

  • Cocoa/Cacao

  • Coffee

  • Coconut oil

and from there you can add things like;

  • Protein powder

  • Crushed Nuts

  • Seeds

Just be Creative :)

2 cups / 4,5 dl Rolled oats

10 Dates (soaked in hot water)

2-4 Tbs Coffee

3-4 Tbs Cocoa

5 Tbs Coconut oil

Topping; Shredded Coconut

- Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, you want it really sticky so you can make small balls. After that roll in shredded coconuts and leave in the fridge.

If the mixture is to dry add more coconut oil or other way around add more oats.

Enjoy !

A cake I made based of the ingredients from chocolate balls. You can how so much fun if you are a bit creative with the food and try new things.

//Gina Johansen xx

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