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Officially on holiday!

Now i can say that i'm officially on holiday. Had last day at the stables Saturday and today was last day at my Nanny job. I'm feeling so free now when i don't have any jobs to go to and can do what ever i like too. It doesn't sound right to call it holiday because i'm not sure when i will work next time. The best part of travelling is that you can take day by day and stop and work when you need to or feel like it.

I'm so excited for Saturday but it was sad to leave the kids today after spent a year with them, little Scarlett was so sad. My friend Caroline will take over my Nanny job. It feels good to know they will be in good care and have lots of fun with her, :-)

I got this cute card of them today together with a pair of earrings.

I will update more tomorrow about all the packing we will take with us on the bikes, Its not easy to pack when everything have to fit on a bicycle with 4 pannier bags, including tent etc..

Gina Johansen xx

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