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My next expedition will be on the windiest, most remote and coldest continent on earth, Antarctica. My aim is to embark on a solo expedition to the South Pole in December 2024. Starting at Hercules Inlet on the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent, to the Geographic South Pole – 1130 km (702 miles).


I'll will ski solo and unsupported, it means I'm not allowed any outside help, I have to carry all my equipment and food from start to finish. 

My goal is to ski under 33 days to set the new women speed record.


My journey to the South Pole

Altitude 2,835 meters above sea level (masl.) which corresponds to 3,500-4,000 masl. at the equator

I will eat 6,000 kcal per day, consumes 8-10,000 kcal

The temperature is between -15 and -45°C which can feel like -70°C with the windchill.

The Katabatic winds follow the terrain from the center and towards the sea, this means headwinds – all the way

Amundsen called the snow on Antarctica “fish glue“ because it's extremely dry and has lost its structure due to a lot of wind. This means extremely poor glide.

I'll fly from Punta Arenas to Union Glacier (Antarctica) and from there I will fly to my start point Hercules Inlet. 

I will start at sea level and ski up to 2,835 moh, this means up hill all the way to the South Pole

I will have live tracking and update online along the way. 

Satellite phone, GPS / Tracker and compass will be with me. 

Only eight women have completed an solo and unsupported expedition to the South Pole.


With help of my adventures, I want to be a role model for children and young people. I want to inspire them to a more active lifestyle, work hard for their dreams and dare to overcome the fears and obstacles that hold them back to develop themselves to become the best version of themselves and understand the possibilities of what you can achieve in life are endless, it's just a matter of how hard you are ready to work for it.


I'm very determined and like to challenge myself. Nothing is impossible and we can achivie anything we set our mind to. I've always liked to do things outside the "norm" . Antarctica is an interesting continent and I'm so curious to be in my own company for so long, see nothing but a white desert and a blue sky when the weather let me. I aiming for the women world record to be the fastest women to ski solo and unsupported, It means I will have to think a bit different when it comes to equipment  and focus on details.



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