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Ultra trail Australia

Ultra trail Australia is finally here. Anyone else running this weekend in the UTA?

Tomorrow i'm running my first 22km race or actually first time over the distant. I've only done 17 km twice before and that was over a months ago. Unfortunately my preparation haven't gone as planned due to an accident at work on a race horse that stopped me from running for 4 weeks so i have only been back running for 2 weeks and haven't done much more than two runs over 10 km and few easy 5 km. I'm not sure if i'm ready for tomorrow but i will do my best. It's a very though race that starts at Queen Victoria hospital in Blue mountains and straight away drops down 800 m in the first leg and the last 14 km is climbing up hill and finishing off with 951 steps up Furber steps in Blue mt.

You can follow my race live on

It's so cold up here, it's only about 2 hours from Sydney in a car/train, It feels like Sweden. Brrr!

I started the morning in Bondi with my Physio for a last treatment. I have problem with tight hips when i running, I'm a bit worried they will cramp tomorrow and i will feel pain in my knee. fingers cross all the treatments and massage including Yoga have helped me. After that me and Jakob had an Acai bowl to breakfast together with an healthy sweet potato brownie before we took the train to Blue Mountains checked in at our hotel and then went over to do the race check in and had a look at the expo and enjoyed the view at Scenic world,

Wish me Good Luck tomorrow !

Gina Johansen xx

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