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Lemon Three Passage

Today we ended up at Lemon Three Passage, it wasn't many camping places around, so we tried Camp Surf that is an website where you can find a free bed to sleep at. We are staying with a lovely couple around 50 years of age and they work in Chinese medicine. very interesting, both me and Jakob got a free treatment each, just what i needed for my calf muscles, we also got dinner cooked and hot shower. They both are from America, but have traveled and lived pretty much all around the world.

We only did around 60-70 km today on the bike and meet lots of nice people, we meet a couple on road bikes just before Newcastle, Jenny and Damien, They were sponsored by Thule and had Thule and Sweden written on theirs tops. How ever we had a nice little chat with them and they offered that we could stay at Damien parents place if we needed somewhere to stay at Nelson bay, Really nice of them.

The people at Caves beach surf club was very friendly too. They offered us hot water if we needed for cooking, and hot showers and they had an eye on our bikes and bags when we went to check out the caves.

The first night in the tent was interesting, we didn't sleep that great. i woke up in middle of the night and needed a drink so badly and after that i couldn't really sleep and felt a bit claustrophobic, i need my space and i had lot's of mosquito bites, grr i always get them. they don't touch Jakob!

I fall as sleep after a while and we woke up 5 am to make our way down to caves beach.

Our cycle trip today was a lot easier than yesterday, no hills! Yeay ;) but we decided to take the "cycle way" and had to bike 3-4 km on dirt road and it was really rough. our bikes is not made to be on dirt road. and we had to lift the bikes over a fence to get back to the normal bike road from the dirt road. It was heavy with all the bags on.

The road from Newcastle to Lemon Three Passage was so narrow and lots of traffic, Not Fun!!

Tomorrow we heading to Nelson bay and catching the ferry across the water and heading up the National park for about 30 km to camp and following day we will head to Foster.

Photos from caves beach

Gina Johansen xx

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