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Summit Mount Warning to be the first in Australia to watch the Sunrise!

We are now in Queensland and have now done 960 km and today we are biking about 70 km to Brisbane so we will hit the 1000 km market today! Only 1700 km to go to Carins! Last night we stayed at Gold coast at a host we found on Warm showers that is an app for cyclist around the world. Daniel who we stayed with had himself cycled 3000 km across south america. He welcomed us with a nice dinner and we had a chat about travelling. We are not going to spend much time here in Gold coast but we have heard a lot about all the health cafes here, so we decided to have Breakfast at Giri Kana Vegetarian cafe in South port. We have just finished the " big breakfast" together and now i'm eating my Acai bowl while writing the blog. It's great food here!


If you are following me on my fb page you probably have seen photos from when we Climb/hiked up Mount Warning! Woke up at 2:30 am Sunday morning to jump on our bikes 4,5 km to get to the car park where you start you hike to the summit. 4,5 km on bikes without bags took us 45 minutes. It was 4 km of steep up hill. Hard work so early in the morning, It was lots of cars driving pass us up the hill, maybe we left to late to make it to the top to see the sunrise. We were at least 30 min behind most of the other people. I have been reading a little bit online about the Mt warning and they say it should take around 2,5 hours to get to the top. We started our hike 4:15 with head torches on. It was a really rough trail with lots of rocks, stairs and only up hill for 4,4 km. We caught up to the other people half way up and walked passed them, The last 200 meter of the trail was fun, really step so you had to sort of climb up and hold on to a chain. Made it more fun in the dark too. We were the first people up to the Summit and was there way to early! It only took us 1 hour, now we had 45 min to wait for the sunrise and it was freezing cold. We were prepared with clothes, but after walking up and as well cycling the hill i was sweating underneath so when i was standing still i was getting cold even if i had an extra jacket to put on, my hands was freezing even with gloves on. At 6 am the light from the sun finally was making it's way up and just before 6:30 we got the be the first in Australia to watch the sunrise! We could also see all the way to Byron bay were we was the day before and watched the sunrise and we could see all the way to Gold coast were we are now,. Amazing view and definitely worth waking up in middle of the night in freezing cold, and all the climbing up hill by feet and on the bikes. Sun was up and we started to make our way back down to the camp ground, pack our tent up and jump on the bikes for another 80 km to get to the Gold coast, everything went smooth except one flat tire. We arrived at the Gold coast 6 pm.

Now it's time to jump on the bikes again towards Brisbane 75 km, we are going to stay with another host tonight that have a boat on the canal in Brisbane that we will stay in. Pretty cool hey!

I love all the funny shapes on the trees in the rain forest

Pictures from the last 200 m of the climb to the Summit of Mt warning.

The last 200 meter before the summit of Mt Warning


On the way to Mt warning from Byron Bay, Mt warning is the highest peak you can see in the photo.

// Gina Johansen xx

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