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First week at my new job.

We are slowly getting settle here in Cairns, I've worked a week at my new job and so far it is really good. Also first week for the business at this shopping center. I'm renting out aniMalls in a shopping center to kids, they can hire them for 20 minuts and ride around the shopping center on them, Pretty fun, it was pretty busy last week because it was school holidays so we had lots of costumers and the aniMalls keep breaking down. screws was getting loose all the time so we had to swap kids to another aniMall and try to fix the one that didn't work and sometimes we have to walk around and find them because some people are really bad to come back in time. I worked first day together with my boss Jack and second day Jack was there half day and I worked with an German girl who had her first day. In the afternoon I got a msg from Jack that he won't be back he had to drive back to Brisbane and then fly NZ. So I'll be in charge of everything.

It's fun with different responsibility from working in a stable. Now I have to deal with costumers, explain the rules and how the aniMalls is working, doing the end of day summery, go to the bank/ATM with the cash every evening. Ina the other girl will work Saturday, Sundays and I'm working Monday to Friday.


During the week it wasn't much time to do much more than work. we checked out a gym that we will sign up with tomorrow. Seems really good, they have infrared sauna and a normal sauna. I like that. We had a bit of shopping to do last week to stock up with food etc,

We are back on our healthy diet so we trying to avoid refined Sugar, gluten, wheat and dairy as much as we can.

We are doing food prepp so we have lunch box for the next 3 days. and we also make our own healthy bread and muesli so we can have that to our breaky. I will write more about this another time.

This weekend we were both off. Saturday we did a bit of running and hiking near us, on a track called blue arrow. It was pretty hard, step hills and stairs and I haven't ran since my race in May. The first thing we did was to run into a snake.

Today we decided to go up to Kuranda for hiking and running. but when we got to the information center to find out more about trails it wasn't really anything near us. you need a car to get to all the tracks. But they had one short near the town so we checked that one out. wasn't that great because it was a walking path through the rainforest. But the village was really nice. So many markets with hand made things. I Love that. Everything from organic sopa and body lotion to leather belts, purse, key rings etc from crocodile, emu, kangaroo etc. and something that sounds crazy but they had purse made of a real frog. who wants that?!

The frog had the head and body and the back end you open up so you could put your money in there. They had key rings of baby crocodile heads.

Because we never ended up doing much running there I went for a little run when we got home. It's nice to be back running again, but my muscles is really sore so I have to take it easy. I spoke to a guy yesterday when we did the blue arrow and he told me about a running race up a small mountain here in August. maybe I will do that race.

Anyway few photos from today. before I'm off to bed.

// Gina Johansen xx


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