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Hello Europe

We are finally on the plane to Europe, somewhere between Sydney and Singapore when I'm writing this. A short stop in Singapore and after that to London and another short stop there before our last flight to Malaga in Spain. We are going to celebrate Jakob's mums 60th birthday there, It should be a lot of fun.

we have done a lot of last minuts plans and changed the holiday a bit since I got injured.

I was suppose to run a 34 km sky race (mountain race) in Italy 18th of June and another race 5th of August in Tromso (53 km Mountain race) and my plan was to train in Sierra Nevada, a big mountains range in Spain leading up to Italy and in July I was suppose to stay in Switzerland and train in the Alps.

But unfortunley 4 weeks ago after I been out for a run, I pulled up really sore and It got worse at work. I worked for 3 days with the injury but it just got worse so I stopped work and haven't been doing much the last 3 weeks.

Just very light training, physio, short walks etc. The leg wasn't improving at all and it was really painful to walk and press on the sore areas, all the way along my fibula. In the end I got an MRI scan done and it turned out the leg was fractured, properly broken. I couldn't Believe it. So devastating with all these plans and races in Europe.

I never thought the leg would been fractured, possible a little stress reaction. But not broken!!

I wished now i would of got the MRI scan done straight away. Usually a stress fracture is cause over time and you push through pain when running.

I haven't had any pain running and was feeling so good on my run and then this happened.

My Physio and Sport medicine doctor think I've done it at work and running has trigged the injury and then I went back riding and must of fractured the leg then. So now I'm jumping around on crutches. Not the best way to start a holiday. It's so upsetting.

I can't even enjoy short hikes in the mountains now.

But I have learned one thing, You can't stress about things you can't control and You can't live in the past. It was very hard the first 3 weeks when we did'nt know what was wrong with my leg.

But as soon as I got the result from the MRI I felt so much relief. I wasn't really sad about it, It was fractured and I understood straight away that I wouldn't be able to race or run in Europe,

So now the focus is on recovery and rest and then build back into running again. It will take a bit of time and I have to be patient.

I'm lucky to have a very good Physio that I can be in touch with while I'm overseas.

If i will be sad about this and think about it I will just get upset and waste energy on something negative. Instead I will lookforward to Europe, see new places, meet new people and best of all I will have more time to spend with my friends and family in Sweden.

Our first stop is Malaga in Spain. we will be there for about 3 weeks, but beacuase I can't train we have now decided to catch a ferry over to Morocco for a week and hire a car and drive down to Marrkesh. We are flying to Italy 16th of June, and we are hiring a car there to drive around Switzerland for a week and enjoy some beautiful views before we are flying to Sweden (21st June) Just in time for Swedish Midsummer, and after that I don't have anymore plans. We are flying back to Sydney 16th of August.

I probably will spend last week in Sthlm and a week in south of Sweden and maybe a visit to Croatia. It's pretty nice to travel without a lot of plans and just take day by day.

Now it's "only" 3,5 hours left before we are arriving in Singapore. I get so bored on the flights, I'm not good at the sitting still part. ;-)

See you in Europe guys!



We have now arrived safe and sound in Spain, Our last stop over in London was very hectic. We had to change airport with 4 bags, me on crutches and 3 different trains and time pressure it was a little challenge but we made it.

It's first time for me in Spain and I love it here. Jakob's mum picked us up from the airport and we arrived in Torrox after about an hour drive. She has a holiday apartment here, the village is very cute and it is about 5km from the beach and is located in a big hill that climbs from the beach and continues all the way up to the mountains. I sooo much wished a could run here!!

Here is a view from the balcony (or the roof top) overlooking the village towards the ocean.

/ Gina Johansen x

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