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First week in Spain.

Today is one week ago we left Sydney. The first week here was very full on with dinners, birthday party, road trips and a lot of new people. This week will be more quite Most of the people left yesterday or this morning. Me and Jakob are staying for another week before we heading over to Morocco.

My view while writing this blog post


On Friday it was Marie's 60th birthday party. She had organised the evening perfect. It started of down in the village outside a little pub. We had a glas of Cava and finger food there. Cava is sparkling wine, It's a Spanish drink, very sweet and nice to drink.

Later Marie had a litle game for all of us, She paired us in small groups and she gave us a little "map" to follow around the village and answer questions about Marie, the walk ended up at her house for another glas of Cava before we continued to a little restaurant/pub in the village.

A lot of us got a bit lost when we walked around and answered the questions, but we all made it to the house for Cava in the end, we found a little shortcut that was a bit interesting to cross on crutches. But you need a bit of adventures sometimes. Right? ;-)

When we got to the restaurant we had siting arrangement, I think that is a great when you are going to a party and It's a lot of new people there.

The food was really good, they served us tapas for starters and to main we had an amazing Paella, It's a Spanish dish of saffron and rice usually they have seafood in it. But I had a vegan Paella with veggies, It was sooo good!

After couple of emotional speeches from Marie and her friends the area outside turned into a dancefloor with live music. Jakob's grandad Calle who is soon turning 90th! Showed us all how to rock the dancefloor! Both Calle and his wife Birgitta who is 81 are so impressive, They both have travelled from Sweden to Spain on their own and they are staying in an apartment down the beach. Not many people in their age would do that.


On Saturday we did a little trip to a very quiet beach near Nerja.

Nerja is a very touristy town with a lot of Swedish people! But we went to a more local beach just past Nerja. Even I manage a little swim on the crutches.

A little workout to get to the beach today.


In the evening it was another dinner together with Marie and all her friends who came all the way from Sweden to celebrate her birthday. So many beautiful and fun people. Marie had pre booked a restaurant down in the village called El Figo. - omg the place is amazing. If you ever traveling to Nerja you must go to Torrox and have dinner or lunch at El Figo!

The restaurant

Our Entrée, a huge salad with a mustard guacamole It was so tasty!

A little vegan table with different finger foods to start with.

Vegan finger food before the dinner

Me and Johanna, Jakob's sister before dinner at the restaurant.

Me and Jakob before dinner


On Thursday we did a little road trip to a place called Ronda, It's about a 2hour drive from Torrox.

It's a historical city, Puente Nuevo is a very famous bridge in ronda.

The construction of the newest bridge (the one that stands today) was started in 1759 and took 34 years to build. Construction of the previous bridge started in 1735, . Unfortunately, this bridge was quickly and poorly built and in 1741 the entire bridge collapsed resulting in the death of 50 people.

Puente Nuevo


Walking the streets in Ronda

// Gina Johansen xx

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