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~ Chefchaouen , The blue pearl ~

Traveling in Morocco was a different experience in so many ways.

When we first arrived with the ferry to Tangier we realised that it was 45 min in to the city, were we had to pick up the rented car.

the easiest and fastest option would be to catch a cab in to Tanger.

The taxi ride was an crazy experience, the driver was driving so fast and jumping the traffic in a way that made us pray to get to Tanger safe.

Once we got our car and were ready to start our road trip up to Chefchaouen, we had to drive out from Tangier in a mad traffic. It was cars, donkeys, bikes, people , yeah everything on the road, even a little boy knocked on our window when we were standing in middle of a busy street surrounded of cars. We got green light and drove about 200 m before the traffic stopped again and the little boy turned up on the other side of our car, we gave him couple coins and he smiled and ran off. Don't ask me how he didn't get hit by a car. They don't seems to have any rules when you drive there.

"Didn't feel better that I later read that Morocco has the highest accident rate in the world.

Maybe it was a stupid decision to hire a car?. But now it was to late, and after all we were happy that we had a car and could be flexible with our plans".


~ Chefchaouen ( Also called the blue pearl ) is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It's a must place to visit if you are thinking to travel to Morocco. Everything is painted in Blue colours with the mountains in the background.