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Life is full of obstacles.

Hi guys,

I haven't update this blog since May even though I have so much I would like to share with you guys. I guess long days at work this summer and spending all my free time exploring new places around here has left me with no time.

I have reflect a lot of life recently. After spent 2 months on skis in my own company left me in a lot of thoughts about life.

I'm the kind of person who dream big and believe in making every dream true. Life is here to live and do what makes us happy. The only thing that stops you to make your dream true is yourself. The road to your dream may not be easy but it will be all worth it in the end. Remember that life is full of obstacles and they are there to overcome. It's just all about believing in yourself and not giving up.

I left Australia in January with a plan, A plan very different from the life I'm living now. When I arrived in Alta in end of January I totally fell in love with the nature there. Nina and Stefan welcomed me into their home with open arms. I went skiing for the second time in my life, I tried dogsledding, experienced northern lights and we were drinking wine and beer in a remote mountain hut. It was my first experience of Finnmark, 2 weeks later I was out there on my own crossing this incredible place by skis. Every day was a challenge. But I have never felt so free before.

Photo: Nina Bellika

End of April I ended my ski trip and that feeling of freedom was over,

I got myself a job at North cape to work in a Souvenir store over the summer. The days was a bit longer than I expected and the time to training and working on my website wasn't there. But I spent most of my free time in the outdoor exploring new places. I was feeling tired and burned out and not so happy over the situation of working long days not having any time to put into the things I wanted to do.

I left Australia to move closer to mountains and nature, to be able to work more on my own projects and to run more. It's a challenge to get everything to work out.

In Australia I was fortune who had an active and well paid job and only worked 5 hours a day,

I could take free when ever I wanted and needed, If I was away for a weekend or 3 months it was never a problem.

But the danger of riding racehorse was also a risk and left me injured many times.

In July I left the job at North Cape and decided to take 2,5 weeks free to relax and spend the time in the outdoor and with no plans, no to do list and just Hakuna Matta for a while.

Now I don't have a fulltime job but are working extra at few different places around here when ever they need somebody. I hope that will add up to about 80% of work a week. That will give me time to work on my own projects and to train.