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700km solo across Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hi everyone!

The updates has been poor from my side. But I'm working very hard with my next projekt and it is just not enough time for everything. It's 2 weeks exactly until I'm flying out from Norway to Russia! - Yes, you heard right. I'm going to Siberia in Russia to cross LAKE BAIKAL!

If you have never heard about Lake Baikal I will tell you some incredible facts about this amazing Lake.

Lake Baikal is located in Southern east Siberia and is the deepest and oldest fresh water lake in the world, with a depth on 1,642m and 25-30 million years old! The lake containing 22-23% of the worlds fresh surfaces water. Lake Baikal also considers among the world's clearest lakes. When the lake is frozen the water is so clear that you can see various objects as deep as 40 meters.

Something that I found very special is that Lake Baikal is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many of them exist nowhere else in the world. The worlds only fresh water seals lives in Lake Baikal.

The lake is surrounded by high mountains and has 330 inflowing rivers but only one outlet, the Angara River! It is 27 islands in Lake Baikal, the largest Island is Olkhon island.


Now when you know some cool facts about Lake Baikal I will tell you about my project.

I'm going to cross Lake Baikal by foot and solo! The length of the lake is 636km, but I'm expecting to be covering about 700km. The lake is also 79km wide so I will have to be very good with the navigation to walk in a straight line and not covering more kilometers than I need to.

I will start at the southernmost part of the lake in Kultuk and walk all the way up to the northernmost settlement of the lake, a place called Nizhneangarsk. If I succeed on this project I will become the first women to covering that exactly distance solo.

Strong winds, freezing cold temperatures, ice cracks, bears and loneliness will be few of the challenges out there!