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Bye Australia!

Last day in Cairns Today. It have been a day of packing and organising for our next journey. But also one last trail run around Blue arrow and a massage.

Tomorrow we are flying to Auckland in New Zealand.

We had to screw the bikes apart today, we are taking them on the plane tomorrow and it will cost us $25 per KG !! Our bikes are pretty heavy because it is a touring bikes.

So we decided to take of as much as we could. The tires, saddle, pedals, front and back rack was pretty much all the part we could take off and put that in our luggage. The handle bar we had to open up and just turn it to the side to be able to fit the bike in the box.

We don't have a suitcase, because we rode our bikes to Cairns from Sydney. So we will put our panniers bags ( the bags we had on the bikes) in a large bag, ( similar to an Ikea bag but bigger and with zip) we have also put all the parts to the bikes in that bag to make the package with the bikes lighter. Hopefully they will let us do that at the airport. They told us that sometimes they are fine with it and sometimes not. Oh well we will found out tomorrow. It will be a lot cheaper if we can do it that way.


After almost 6 years in Australia it feels strange to leave, Australia is like a home now, or Sydney is anyway. I never liked Cairns that much, maybe because I miss Sydney and my friends there.?

But I'm very excited for New Zealand, but Australia we will be back one day.

I was just looking back at old photos from Sydney it's just crazy how many good memories I have from Sydney but also how things have changes. Only 2 years back I loved the city life, party, eating at Max Brenner " best chocolate café ever" I was there at least few times a week and working with race horses was my future.. Things change and people changes. I don't enjoy the city life, I want the Mountains outside my door step, I don't like to party anymore, i don't eat sugar anymore and i don't want to work with race horses anymore or in the industry.

I don't even know what i want to work with in the future, but I'm sure i will found out one day. Now i just want to travel around and explore more of the world and run mountains everywhere,

When I arrived in Australia October 2010, I was 19 years old, I left school when i was 15 years old and worked in a show jumping stable in Sweden for 3,5 years, So I had the experience to be away from home and been working and looking after myself. But my English wasn't the best when I arrived in Sydney and everything was so much bigger here and the racing industry was a big different from the show jumping. Anyway, I started to work for Anthony Cummings, a stable I later got sponsorship with and have so many good memories there. I got to travel around with some really good horses and be a part of the Melbourne cup carnival twice and I worked with so many amazing and fun people there.

I have meet a number of good friends since i arrived in Sydney and also had to many farewell partys, It's so many people coming and going on work and holidays visa there.

One of the best part of traveling is that you meet so many awesome people and you will have friends all over the world.


A photo bomb from my time in Sydney.


Bye Australia and Hey New Zealand

//GinaJohansen xx

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