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Josephine falls

Hi Guys,

I have been sick since the race so i haven't have much to update. I'm finally feeling better, only needed two different antibiotics and 2 weeks off training. I did my first run back on Sunday, Yeayy! Finally. It felt so good to stretch out the legs again.

I got some news for you guys, on Monday we are leaving Carins and flying to New Zealand. I'm so excited, We will rent a car together with a Swedish guy, we got in touch with him from the Facebook page "swedes in New Zealand". We will drive down to Wellington over 7 days and do stops along the way. So stay tunned for many nice photos next week.

Me and Jakob hoping to find jobs in Wellington, if we cant found jobs there we will change location.

It's lots of things to organise when going to a new country.

  • Bank card

  • Tax file number

  • New phone number

  • traveling insurance

  • warm clothes ;)

and because we biked to cairns from Sydney we obviously don't have any suitcases so we will have to put our stuff in the pannier bags we had on the bikes and then buy one of these big "Chinese bags" the look similar to a Ikea bag but a bit bigger and with zip on them. The bikes we have to take apart an put in a big box.


Last weekend we took a trip to Josephine falls, pretty much last thing on my list of things to do here, actually we were planning to dive but it's expensive here and we heard that is not that great to dive here anymore. The barrier reef is so destroyed from all the tourists here. We did the snorkling in Airlie beach and saw lots of corals on the reef . Asia is suppose to be really good for diving and cheaper so we will dive there instead. I'm not a crazy dive fan anyway. I don't like the ocean much lol But I wanna dive with sharks... :D

Something I really wanted to do here was the Bartle Frere track. It's a 12 hours return hike, It is Queensland's highest mountain. Because I have been sick it's probably not a good idea to do the hike this weekend. I wanted to run most of it. It is very steep so it is not possible to run everywhere but you will just keep a very fast hiking speed up the steep parts.

I also need someone to go with me. I don't wanna do it on my own. But I working this week till Friday and I have few things to organise before we leaving so maybe Bartle Frere will be a excuse to come back to Cairns for a visit one day.

Photos from Josephine falls


After Josephine falls we went to a place a bit more south to see Cassowary's, They live up north of Australia and New Guinea.

They are the third tallest bird and second heaviest living bird. Only ostrich and emu is bigger.

We only saw two younger Cassowary's, the one we saw down the beach was walking up and trying to eat food from the people there and they were trying to push the bird away and it didnt care at all.


//Gina Johansen xx

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