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Exploring more of Cairns

Hi guys,

This will be a little update from the weekend. How exciting!

On Saturday I took my bike to Kamerjunga, it's only 12 km from here, a beautiful village surrounded by rainforest and mountains. They have two walking tracks that starts there, Smith track and Douglas track that connects with Mc Donald track that goes all the way up to Barron fall.

I decided to do the Douglas track and continue to Barron falls.

It was my first run back after my cold.

I'm still not feeling 100%, it was hard to run my legs was feeling tired and weak and it was very hilly. I mixed up power walking and running to get there and back, it was 14 km together. I only had one banana with me because I didn't plan to take that long, But I had my new Garmin camera with me and was playing around with it and the time was running away. I was so hungry towards the end. I'm usually pretty good to bring to much nutrition if I'm out on a longer run or hike,

Barron fall is so beautiful. It is not much water in the fall now because of the dry season but I can imagine how powerful it is over the wet season.