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Welcome to my new blog

Hi and welcome to my website and blog, I’m very excited to share my upcoming adventure together with you. On Saturday me and my boyfriend are leaving Sydney to start our cycling trip up to Cairns along the east coast of Australia it will be approximately 2700km and we will try to average around 100km a day. If you know about any beautiful place on the coastline between Sydney and Cairns that we can’t miss, please let me know!

Its only 5 days away, Crazy! Doesn't feel like its so soon, maybe because most of my focus atm is on this Friday when I’m running my first 22k. Its part of Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) 100km, 50km and 22km and a stair challenge. I’m pretty new to trail running, I only did my first 8k this January following a 10k and 17k and after that I had a pretty bad accident at work with a racehorse who stumble with me in the canter and ended up on top of my body. I was off running for about 4 weeks and have only been back running 2 weeks, I’m not sure if I’m ready for the race on Friday but I will give it ago and hopefully it will be a good experience.

I will update more about both my race and our upcoming adventure here this week.

//Gina johansen xx

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