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Trouble in Bowen

Back on the road, it was a tough day today. We had the wind in our face and my legs felt flat and slow today, it was really hot too.. We rode about 75-80 km and it was nothing along the road. Not even a rest stop. After 40 km we pulled up next to the road and had a bit of brown rice/quinoa and beef that Jakob prepared last night.

We are staying with a really nice guy here in Bowen, he had to go to work 2:30 an actually picked us up 15 km from his place so he could let us in before he went to work. very kind of him.

We dropped the bags off at his house and then he dropped us off in the town with our bikes. We went to horse shoe bay to have a look and have a ice cream, really nice there, after that we went to the supermarket and when we came out both bikes had flat tire at the front,. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE,?! Surely someone done that to the bikes, and of course we didn't have anything with us to fix the tire more than one air patron, wouldn't help much. so we actually rang a cab to pick us up with the bikes and drive us 13 km back to our host so we could fix the bikes.

My bike

Jakob's bike


The guy we are living with have 4 big dogs. I want of them, exactly that sort of dog I want.. He also have his garden full of orange, lime, lemon and star fruits so we enjoyed that after our dinner today. For dinner we had the brown rice/quinoa and fish from our host, he caught it, fresh from the ocean here in Bowen, YUM!


Horse Shoe Bay in Bowen

Tomorrow we have 120 km to AYR..

// Gina Johansen xx


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