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Change plans and fishing in Ayr

Plans change quick sometimes. We were suppose to be in Townsville today but yesterday i got a job in Cairns that starts Friday, so we had to make a quick decision. Either to say no to the job or organise so we could catch a bus or rent a car and drive the lat 400 km down to Cairns.

We decided to rent a car and drive from Townsville and the guy we are staying with in Ayr offered to drive us to Townsville so we could rent a car from there, but when we were about to leave he offered to drive us to Cairns tomorrow instead. Only because it was so expensive to rent a car.

Very kind of him!

So instead we helped him a little bit to get his boat ready that he have built himself and for the very first time we took it to the sea and went fishing,. Luckily the boat didn't leak. It was a beautiful day, just didn't have any luck with the fishing!

i can't remember last time i went fishing, I think i must have been 13 years old or something. We use to fish all the time when i was a kid.

I was hoping to see crocodiles in the creeks but we never saw any crocs.


Our last day on the bikes didn't end very good either, it was a long way to ride with head wind most of the way and I got a flat tire again and my back rack broke. When we had 20 km left our host msg us and actually offered to come and pick us up. It was getting dark and we were pretty tired, it is never fun or safe to bike on the high way in the dark and because we had trouble with my bike we were running late. I was so happy when he msg and offered to pick us up.

It feels a bit sad that we actually finish our cycling now, but in the same time i can't wait to start run again and actually get fit, yes fit. i don't feel like I'm in shape even after nearly 3000km on the bike. maybe because we have been eating unhealthy and haven't done any cross training. But it will be interesting how strong the legs is when i start running the mountains and trails in Cairns.

I also hope my job will turn out good. I will let you guys know more about that on the weekend. Jakob haven't found a job yet, but he haven't been looking that much. it is so many chef's jobs in Cairns so he won't have any problem to find something.

//Gina Johansen xx

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