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Day 2 of our trip.

Finally we are away on our cycling trip up to Cairns from Sydney. Yesterday we started from Bondi and cycled all the way up to Ettalong beach. We took ferry between watson bay to manly and Palm beach to Ettalong and we stayed there at my friend Cass parents place. I was so tired and sore from my race on Friday, so it was really nice to get a bit spoiled with food and a warm bed. Our plan was to leave early but we had totally forgot about travel insurance, probably took us a few hours before we found the right one, Ended up with an ambulance cover and insurance for our bikes,

Around lunch time we were finally on the bikes. few very hard hills to climb early, my legs is so sore from my race two days ago. I can't walk properly, but it's not to bad on the bike, they are just a bit flat and they don't like the hills atm. I think after 14 km of running up hill on Friday was enough for them haha!

We are now at Swansea Gardens lakeside holiday park after around 74 km on the bike today, we arrived late (5pm) it was getting dark while we were setting the tent up. not easy first time. but after a while we figured it out and we had quick dinner with grilled chicken, avocado and spinach. Tomorrow we will try to wake up early to head down cave beach to watch the sunrise and check the caves out before heading toward Nelson bay ( 80km )

When i have more energy i will update from my race too. but now i just feel like sleeping.

Watching the sunset at Palm beach before heading on the ferry to ettalong

//Gina Johansen xx


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