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Finally in Forster

Today have been a veeeery long day on the bikes. We left Mungo Brush (wells camping) in Myall Lakes national park around 9am this morning and arrived at Forster 5:40 pm. we sort of only had two stops first to buy some fruits and after about 50km we found a little cafe and it hit us how hungry we were so we bought a huge burger there, that came with bacon and we added eggs and avocado to them and sweet potato chips as a side, we were both surprise that we could get sweet potato chips at a little cafe in middle of no where, I was craving sweet potato and had already told Jakob that we should have sweet potato for dinner when we get to Forster. We only did around 85 km today but the road was so bad. first we started of with a bumpy dirt road for about 17km and we decided to bike the scenic way to Forster instead of the high way, we probably would been better on the high way, the scenic way was extremely hilly and made it hard and slow to bike on. Normally hills are though but add 20kg packing as well, (maybe more) Even if you get of the high way to ride on smaller roads the cars drives so fast. I can't believe the speed limit is 100 here on small roads, in Sweden it would be 70.

Tonight we are staying with an elder man here in Forster, really nice guy and he cooked us dinner so we didn't have to go to the supermarket when we arrived so late.

Yesterday we biked about 74 km from Lemon three passage up to Mungo Brush. we had to catch a ferry from Nelson bay and unfortunately the ferry was only going 3 times a day so we arrived at the National park late (5pm ish) After the sunset it gets very dark here, Not like Sweden in the summer that have day light till midnight, It was really dark to bike through Myall Lakes National park even if it only was 6ish in the evening it felt like midnight. We run into one Kangaroo, i was hoping to see Koalas.

At the camping area it was as dark as out on the road, lucky we have head lamps so we can find our way and get the tent up. An little accident happen with the tent when Jakob were trying to out it up. one of the tent poles broke, we sort of fix it with tape. Hopefully we can get hold of new poles to the tent when we get to Coffs Harbour or Port Maquarie. Another really weird thing happen to us, we left our dish brush outside the tent over the night and we couldn't found it in the morning, we were searching every where for it, i think an animal took it. haha. who else could it be?

We have meet heaps of friendly and nice people along the way and people that asking us heaps of questions where we are heading etc., At wells camping an older couple let us use there fire when they went to bed so we made steak and corn with spinach and avocado for dinner and when we went back over to our tent we had a guest there a possum. They are so cute :)

I have to mention our lunch we had in Nelson bay too. We bought Veggie Pasta and garlic prawns and crab, coconut cream, and cherry tomatoes, for dessert pineapple. our little Camping stove is awesome!

At Wells Camping yesterday

Biking in the dark through the National park On the Ferry from Nelson Bay

Our Lunch break at Nelson Bay

// Gina Johansen xx

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