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Swedish Skagen and sweet Potato

I'm laying in bed and listening to the rain outside and thinking how pleased we are to be inside in a warm bed and not out camping in this rain tonight., We are in a little village called Alstonville, it's only 40 km from Byron Bay that will be our next destination. We biked 90 km today, most of the time on the high way but about 30 km on a smaller road, even if the road is a lot smaller then the high way the speed limit is still between 80-100 km/h it's crazy and so dangerous. We biked passed a couple of cross with flowers there people died in accidents, To get up too Alstonville it was one veeeeeery long hill, we had to walk the bikes up there it was to long and step to ride up for. It's very peaceful here with horses and cows around, the view is amazing and Sonia that we are staying with is really nice, we got in touch with her from couch surfing. She has a beautiful house and offered us to stay another night so we have now decided to only stay one night in Byron Bay and two nights here so we can explore the rain forest and get down to Ballina and hopefully spot dolphins. We offered us to cook dinner tonight for her.

Something i have been craving last couple of days now and it's one of my favorite meals.

It's Swedish Skagenröra and oven baked Sweet potato. Me and Jakob does it a bit different,. instead of normal potato we choose sweet potato as a healthier option, and we also make the Skagen different so it's a lot healthier.

Here is the recipe for our dinner!

2 egg yolks

grape seed oil

lime zest/jucie

bunch of chives

bunch of dill

300 g of prawns.

1 oven baked sweet potato each!

Mix the egg yolks and grape seed oil together till it get thick, slowly pure grape seed oil into the bowl with egg yolks while mixing it.

when it's thick mix the rest of the ingredients together in the sauce.

Very simple but so delicious and healthy. We had two slices of Gluten free, Sunflower/ chia seeds bread as well.,

Enjoy // Gina Johansen xx

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