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1000 km on the bikes done!

God morning people!

After 80 km on the bikes yesterday we have about 130 km to go today and tomorrow we will have a rest day in Sunshine coast and then a short bike trip up north of Sunshine coast for another rest day and after that we are heading up towards Harvey bay it will be 2 long days on the bikes and then it's time for Fraser Island. I looking forward to Fraser Island.

We were flying the first 40 km yesterday before we stopped for lunch and after that i was feeling so tired in my legs for the first time, my tire was low in air too so that didn't help me at all. So annoying!

We stayed with a lovely family in Brisbane right on the water in a little suburb called Wellington.

Karen's best friend is Swedish so she had been to Sweden and loved the food in Sweden. Surely something we miss living over here. Nothing can beat a Swedish cinnamon bun, skagen or the bread home. Yuuuuuum!

They are living in a beautiful blue house with a boat in the canal behind the house, we stayed on the boat tonight., fun to stay on a boat, sort of had our own little apartment there and we can see fishes jumping in the water outside the boat. We have been so lucky and stayed with amazing people so far. I love meeting like minded people .

Little view from the boat we are staying on


I'm looking forward for the next part of our cycling trip, the next 1700 km will be a lot more wildlife and nature to explore than the first 1000 km we have done from Sydney up to Brisbane, The climate is more tropical up North and it will be a lot warmer, i heard there is some really beautiful nationals parks with waterfalls and amazing views. I love the rain forest, the mountains and the views, i prefer that to a nice beach. The beaches will be amazing up the coast too. I hope to spot wildlife that i've never seen in the wild before, Crocodiles, snakes (yes, i have never seen a snake in the wild here yet), koalas, camels, more wild horses, dingos, dolphins, whales... So much to explore.

Times run away, we have to go and get breaky now, we are going up the road here to get Acai bowl before we starting our 130 km trip today.

// Gina Johansen xx

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