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Sunshine coast or Rainy Coast?!

Sorry that i haven't update the blog. I've been about to do it a couple of times. But when you live with new people pretty much every night you end up spending time and talk to them instead.

We are now in Coolum beach and are staying with a very nice guy called Tim. We were sitting up chatting to midnight last night with him, mostly about Australia, he traveled around Australia many years ago when his kids was young. They took them out of school for a year and traveled across the outback of Australia, it was very interesting listen to, he told us a little bit about Cairns and the National parks up there. I also learned the different from a Salt water crocodile, and the fresh water crocs, It's mainly the Salt water crocs you need to watch out for, they are big and aggressive. The Fresh water crocs is pretty small and are the same as the alligators in US. You get Salt water crocs up the rivers too sometimes, so not only at the beaches. Another interesting subject we talked a lot about is why people traveling, or why so many people get stuck in a busy lifestyle of work and work and many of them are not happy with the life they are living. Why is it so hard for many people to get out of the comfort zone and make a different in theirs life. It could be small changes or something big, like me and Jakob, we sold pretty much everything we had in Sydney, furniture, clothes etc.. We don't know when we will be back in Sydney again. It's lots of places we want to travel too and explore. It could be a year, it can be 4 years.. we take day by day., I love meeting new people and i think the idea with couch surfing and warm shower is great.


Today we went for a walk up to the top of Mount Coolum a little mountain just around the corner from Tim, we also checked out the waterfall down the bottom, it's only a waterfall there after heavy rains, so today was perfect time to discover the waterfall. It have been raining a lot here last couple of days. perfect time to have rest days from biking. We have booked Fraser Island 7th of June so we needed to take out few rest days.

Photos from Mount Coolum

Amazing view over Sunshine coast from the top