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Invited to lunch by a stranger!

Today we biked about 90 km and was lucky with the weather, no rain but we had to fight against the wind. It's so hard to bike when you have the wind against you and we had few crazy hills to bike today too. Around lunch time today when we were about 30 km into our trip a women pulled up her car and came up to us and asked were we was going and if we liked to come over for lunch and yes, we loved lunch as we were looking for somewhere to stop for lunch. So she gave us her address en we made our way 4 km towards her house on our bikes and when we arrived there a little cute dog welcomed us and a big table with lunch and a big family, Her husband, children, and parents in law. They were very friendly and nice people, the lunch was delicious and after we had tea/coffee and dessert. It's amazing how many beautiful people we have meet on our journey and it's people we would never meet if we weren't biking many times, It's the best way to travel.

Tonight we are staying with another family in Gympie, they have traveled quiet a bit before they had children and told us a little bit about the touring they did in Europe on bikes and we got a yummy dinner cooked when we arrived and a cake with almond and passion fruit so yummy!

Unfortunately we have to leave very early tomorrow because we need to be in Harvey bay before 4pm and it's 124 km or something like that tomorrow to ride. It gonna be a long day and i'm not feeeling very well, i starting to get a cold. But Jakob made some ginger tea after dinner today for me so hopefully it will help me.


Yesterday we planned our trip from Harvey Bay up to Whit Sunday/Airlie beach. We need to know when we get there because we have to book our sailing tomorrow.

So we will get off the ferry from Fraser Island on the 9th of june and will stay that night in Harvey bay and after that it will be ....

  • 103 km to Bundaberg 10/6 (hopefully we find someone to stay with

  • 120km Agnes water 11-12/6 either we will stay with someone i've been in touch with or we will camp 2 night at a kangaroo place, which sounds pretty cool.

  • 100km Gladstone 13/6 hopefully we find someone to stay with too.

  • 110km Rockhampton 14/6 accommodation from couch surfing

  • 108km Marlborough camping 15/6 camping

  • 106km Barra Crab caravan 16/6 camping

  • 127km Mackay accommodation from couch surfing 17-18th/6

  • 57km Calen 19/6 camping

  • Airlie beach/whit Sunday 20/6 hopefully find someone to stay with

This is a little bit of our plan for the next part of our trip. The places we are camping at its pretty much nothing more than roads, we probably will have a day where we won't bike pass petrol station/cafe/shop. so we need to stuck up with food then.

//Gina Johansen xx

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