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150 km on the bike!

We have now landed in Airlie beach or may we can call it the paradise. Instead of camping once between Mackay and Airlie beach we decided to do it all in once, 150 km. Longest ride for us so far. Everything went smooth and we arrived Monday evening in Airlie beach and hade 3 nights to relax here and today we heading out for 2 nights sailing around the Whitsundays island and when we get back we are staying another two nights to hang out with my friend Helena from Sweden. It's so beautiful here and the weather is perfect, but they have monster mosquitos here, I have got few really big bites on my legs and yesterday when I was sitting outside with my computer I got bitten on my bum so badly.

I have got few things from the shop now that should help me to avoid bites and itching.

This update will just be quick because we are leaving for our sailing soon and I have been busy past days with job searching etc. seems like it is very hard to find jobs in Carins now. Lot's of Backpackers have to leave because they can't get a job there. We are thinking to stop at Townsville instead and try to get a job there maybe and stay there for 2 months and before we heading to NZ we can bike the rest of the way and just have a holiday around cairns and Cape tribulations,

We have to make a decision when we get back from the sailing. Townsville is on 275 km from here and Cairns is about 850. The only thing I need is a good National park with hills so I can run. Townsville seems to have that and actually two running races coming up in august as well. One road I could do 10k speed training for me and a trail end of August. I usually don't run road races, but it's good speed training.

Here is couple of pictures from Airlie beach.


//Gina Johansen xx

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