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Seen my first wild Crocodile!

Today we decided to go for a road trip up to Cape Tribulation, it's about 3 hour north of Cairns in the Daintree rainforest, We went on a little boat trip up the river and saw our very first wild salt water Crocodile there. Two females and also a few baby ones we also saw a snake and a very pretty bird called kingfisher.

Pretty cool, hey? They are amazing animals, these two are only small ones, the male crocs can be the double size, unfortunately we never saw a male croc today. we got told that they have seen crocodiles dragging cows down the river that they have killed further up this river.

Only few weeks ago a German tourist women got killed by a Crocodile a bit further away from this river on a beach, (the picture to the left) the day after they found the Croc with the women hanging out from his mouth, When they kill something they usually don't eat it all straight away, they drag it away somewhere and keep it there to eat it later, Very sadly they had to kill that Crocodile, it's not far they kill a Crocodile because a stupid tourist deciding to swim near a creak where it's Crocs living, you asking for trouble then.


Me and Jakob will go back up here to hike/climb Mount Sorrow, I was hoping on more hiking and trials here but wasn't much at all. The area behind Cairns have nice hiking so I will go there next time for trial running, But Mt Sorrow is suppose to be re