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First attempt on the Pyramid and new bread recipe ~

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hi from a rainy Cairns!

So this is Cairns dry season and it's suppose to rain every day this week pretty much and 95% humidity. I couldn't live here over the summer. Imagine the heat and the humidity then.

I didn't work Monday and today. Yesterday me and Jakob went to the Pyramid to check it out.

30km bike ride to get there and when we finally go there we started our run / power walked to the top of the Pyramid. it's 3 km and 922m elevation so it is very steep, my legs was struggling, they are not use to this up hill running after 2 months on the bike. When we got to the top I run back down, it was not very easy either, you need to watch every step and sometimes you have to stop and climb down some of the really steep parts with lot's of rocks. when I was back down my legs were shaking, but I had promise Jakob to turn around and walk half way up to meet him, he was walking down, when we got back down, we had another 30 km on the bikes home.

It was a great way to start the new week!!!