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Living in luxury is just temporary happiness!


As I travel, I often like to experience the area as a part of the locals and not always be a tourist. When me and Jacob cycled 270 miles along Australia's eastern coast we met a lot of interesting people and got to share their lives. In Cairns we visited an Aborginal community where no tourists usually visit. It was really awesome. When I traveled in Morocco, we also stayed at a local residents one night and had a completely different insight into their lives than we had as regular tourists.

After traveling a lot, I realised how little I've seen and know about Sweden, the Nordic region and where I come from. I have grown up on the west coast and have never been higher than Stockholm before. I don´t know much about our own indigenous people and how they live up in the north. When I started my ski trip, I hoped to get an insight into their life up here. I wanted to teach me about dog running, Sami who work with reindeer and experience the nature, all in a way that tourists doesn´t normaly do.

I've really seen a lot already and my trip is not over yet. I have learned a lot about dog sledding and also got a chance to try it before I started my ski trip, I have slept in the lavvu, tried out new dishes as hare, whale, reindeer, heart of reindeer, king crab, Rypa and I have met Sami people and now stayed 2 nights on the mountain with them.

I met the Sami people up here on the mountain as I skied from Kautokeino and was heading into Finland. I pitched 5 km from the border when I got problem with the kitchen. When I started skiing the next day I met an older man on a scooter and asked him if I could come to his place and boil some water because my kitchen was broken. He took my pulka and attached it to the scooter and then we drove down to his cabin and he offered me to stay there one night so we could try to fix the kitchen. When we got to his cabin, three other men on scooters also came by. In the area around a frozen lake there were several cottages, but they were only 4 Sami men who lived there from November to May to keep track of the reindeers. In May they move with the reindeers to a area that is called Reisa, which they say is a beautiful national park and also their home during the summer.

I have very strong confidence in people and think that most people are nice but I always have to be careful, especially when I travel as a lonely girl. Being in the middle of nowhere in a cabin with 4 Sami men and 2 of them drunk, I havet o pay attention. They drank a lot of vodka and smoked all the time. I think it's a bit tragic that they drink so much, but I didn’t perceive them as drunk, even though they seemed to get some shots during the day. I took their joke with a pinch of salt and thought it would be fine. They live very easily up here on the mountain and they hardly use any electricity more than if they ever start the generator, there´s no running water and they don’t seem to do much except look after the reindeers, and working on their cottages. One guy told me it's usually wery lonely up here and it's very rare that they meet other people during the winter so he thought it was great with a little visit for once, and I can understand that. I had never managed to live as they do. Especially when they hardly do anything in a day. When you work with reindeers you have one week on and one week off and right now they only run out twice a day to check on them but in times it becomes more intense and it’s a full day job.

I am very glad to have lived there for two nights and to meet very nice people who took good care of me. They asked if I was hungry and invited me to cook food. They even gave with me some mass real hot food, breakfast, dinner meals and snacks to bring on my trip. We had a lot of fun conversations and they helped me with my kitchen.

I’m not trying to judge anyone and see the beauty of each person and I want to share experiences. I learn something after