Check out my equipment!

Hey guys!

I wanted to share a post with you because some of you were wondering about the equipment I use on this trip. I am gonna share some of that with you right away and probably more further on.

- Skis and rods - Åsnes Amundsen and Åsnes expedition rods

Amundsen is a ski med steel trimmings which are adapted for long alpine expeditions with a sledge to pull. I’ve travelled the whole trip with long skins on my skis except when I crossed a lake – then I used the short ones.

The skis got their name from a guy named Ronald Amundsen – the first person who ever reached the South pole and the North pole. It’s even his picture on the skis. My rods are two-parted so I can chose which height suits best for each occasion. They are also special made for long alpine expeditions. The skis and rods can be found at the store called Outdoorexperten and they also have the boots I use in stock. If you plan your own alpine expedition I truly recommend a visit in their store as they have everyhting you'll need for the trip!

- Boots -

Alpina Alaska Black Country

- Airtrim facemask –

This is the mask I use to protect my face. It’s essential to use this on the coldest, windiest days. It protects from dry lips and wounds around lip and nose. It’s very comfy to wear and nothing hard against the skin and it also filtrates the cold air so it’s warmer when you inhale.

- Acapulka

The Rolls Royce among the sledges! This is the absolutely best ”partner” – I think it would be hard to find someone that fits the same amount, is steadier, with better glide and also looks as good as this one… It has a length of 170 cm so it’s as tall as I am. If there would be a storm coming in fast and I need an emergency bivouac I could even sleep inside the sledge.

- Kitchen - Primus -

I use a Primus Multifuel Omni Lite TI. You can use it with both gas, gasoline and diesel. I use environmently-friendly gasoline because regular gas can be hard to use at very cold temperatures. Everyday I use around 2-2,5 dl gasoline to use this kitchen.

- Tent

I use a Fjällräven Keb Endurance 2 which is a four season thunnel-tent for hard conditions. I am extremely satisfied with this tent! It´s so easy to put up and bring down but also gives a lot of space inside it.

Underneath my sleeping bag i use a simple foam from Fjällräven. And my sleeping bags are two Extreme sleeping bags (also from Fjällräven) so I am very warm and comfy during the nights inside my tent and I get a good sleep thanks to this.

This was a little of my equipment that I use but more updates will come. If there’s anything special you wonder about – just ask! Never hesitate because there are no stupid questions =) And if there’s something special you want to read about you can write that too.

Take care out there! /Gina


Hej på er!

Jag tänkte dela med mig lite utav utrustningen jag använder och tänkte dela upp det i ett par olika inlägg.

- Skidor och stavar - Åsnes Amundsen och Åsnes expedition stavar -

Amundsen är en skida med stålkanter som är anpassad för långa fjällturer med pulka. Jag har kört hela resan med långa stighudar förutom när jag korsade en stor sjö då använde jag dom korta. Skidorna är döpta efter Ronald Amundsen som var första personen att nå Sydpolen och Nordpolen. Det är även honom på bilden på skidan. Stavarna är tvådelade stavar så jag själv kan ställa in storlek dom är anpassade för vinterexpeditioner med pulka.

Mina skidor och pjäxor kan ni hitta hos Outdoorexperten. Om du planerar en egen fjällexpedition så kan jag varmt rekommendera ett besök hos dem - de har allt du behöver för krävande turer!

- Pjäxor

Alpina Alaska Back country

- Airtrim ansiktsmask –

Denna masken är grym kalla och vindiga dagar. Inga såriga läppar eller runt näsan för man blir blöt. Med Airtrim Så har man inget som skaver mot huden och som om man te x har en buff över och sen filtrerar den kall luft till varm.