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Check out my equipment!

Hey guys!

I wanted to share a post with you because some of you were wondering about the equipment I use on this trip. I am gonna share some of that with you right away and probably more further on.

- Skis and rods - Åsnes Amundsen and Åsnes expedition rods

Amundsen is a ski med steel trimmings which are adapted for long alpine expeditions with a sledge to pull. I’ve travelled the whole trip with long skins on my skis except when I crossed a lake – then I used the short ones.

The skis got their name from a guy named Ronald Amundsen – the first person who ever reached the South pole and the North pole. It’s even his picture on the skis. My rods are two-parted so I can chose which height suits best for each occasion. They are also special made for long alpine expeditions. The skis and rods can be found at the store called Outdoorexperten and they also have the boots I use in stock. If you plan your own alpine expedition I truly recommend a visit in their store as they have everyhting you'll need for the trip!

- Boots -

Alpina Alaska Black Country

- Airtrim facemask –

This is the mask I use to protect my face. It’s essential to use thi