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Back in civilization

I'm finally in Finland!

It is an beautiful mountain area with cabins that run from Kilpisjärvi and all the way up to Halti, the highest mountain in Finland. I’ve taken some time here because I'm waiting for a guy from Switzerland to ride along with to Dividalen in Norway and then to Abisko in Sweden. At the moment, it’s a little uncertain if we can make the Dividalen route due to the danger of avalanches in the area. We may have to change the plan again and go on the Swedish side instead. I will check it out tomorrow when I arrive at Kilpis. Right now I'm in a cabin about 11 km from Kilpis and 16 km from my accommodation where my food package that Dad has sent to me from Ica at home is waiting.

There’s a lot of people in the area here and it seems very popular to rent skis in Kilpisjärvi and ski up to Halti to sleep in the cottages. There is cottages around every 11 km. At each cottage there is a department you can reserve and one that is open to everyone. I have met alot of nice people and in the first cabin there were Poles, Germans, Englishmen and now I share a cabin with 5 Finnish people.

It feels a little strange to be back among people, marked leaders and cabins. I think it's roughly like this Sweden will be. There are some mixed feelings all over it and it feels almost like the adventure and all challenges are over. It was very special to be completely alone on Finnmarksvidda. Not to meet people, sleep in tents and navigate over places where there was no trace in sight and plummet in deep snow to get out. Just as much as I hated it and wanted marked leads, some cabins and to meet people I just loved it. Now it feels boring to put it all behind but at the same time it will be fun to reach Sweden and experience the nature and the Swedish mountains.

Today I managed to ski just over 20 km in 5.5 hours. It had a lot of downhill, but started the day with a really long uphill. It lasted for about an hour and I was very sweaty after that. The sun has been up all day so it has been a great day to ski. Yesterday I had strong winds to ski in but I only did 11km to one cottage because I don’t want to arrive at Kilpis before Friday.

Update Sunday.

I’m now in Kilpisjärvi and ready to go to Treriksröset where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. It's only 10km to Treriksröset and the plan was to ski there in the morning and do 20km. But I needed to go to the store and grab some things before I could leave so it had to be a shorter day today. There is a cabin on the Finnish side which we intended to sleep in. We will not get through the Dividal due to the avalanche risk, but instead we will ski on the Swedish side down to Torneträsk and up to Abisko.