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What is happiness and what is life really about?

It's just over a week ago I ended my ski expedition. Everything has not sunk in yet. It's a strange feeling to suddenly be in a big city dressed in clean clothes surrounded by people and cars. I have not missed the city, the noise of cars and stressed people. Sitting on the train or bus and listening to people around me talking and just realizing how negative people are. I just want to be back in the nature, listening to the birds who have just made their way to Sweden from southern Europe.

I started my trip in the winter time from North Cape, It was short days, not a lot of wild life and cold temperatures, when I arrived in Sweden the days were getting longer, warmer and birds were singing, people were fishing on the lakes and It just hit me how much I have missed the spring and the contrasts from the different seasons. It's so much we are taking for granted in our daily life and spending my first spring in Scandinavia after almost 8 years in Sydney made me realize how fantastic and special the spring is. But not only that, I was amazed by the nature in both Sweden and Norway.

I have traveled the world and seen many amazing places and I would never thought that the most beautiful and incredibly places I have been to would be in Sweden and Norway.