Don't dream your life, Live your dream.

I ended my last post with a question to everyone of you out there to ask yourself,

" - If you are happy and are you living the life you are dreaming about." Maybe you are up for a change. It could be something small or maybe a big change in your life?

When I was a teenager my favourite quote was " Don't dream your life, Live your dream" and I have always told my self to do what makes me happy. I want to write about my thoughts around that and how I have achieved my dreams in life so far.

The most important part is to believe in yourself, then you need to be ready to work hard for it, "nothing is for free in this life", Never give up!

It's very important to believe in yourself,

If you ever doubt that you can achieve it you most likely won't achieve it. I like to compare it with a simple thing like doing a little forward roll, it's easy hey? But if you doubt that you can do it, you will only come half way. But if you tell yourself I can do this you will push all the way and you have then done a forward roll.

( I was really bad at doing forward rolls, just beacaus I told myself I couldn't do them. )

It will always be people doubting you and probabaly telling you that you can't do it. Some of them are probabaly just trying to be realistic and others jealous. I'm always thinking If there is anyone else out there doing it why can't I do it?!

I'm probabaly a good example of somebody who have done big changes in life just because I want to do what makes me happy for the moment.

When I was 15 years old I had a dream to spend just one week at Springfield farm at Alexander and Daniel Zetterman's stable to see and learn something new. I was then into show jumping and to get a chance to spend a week there was really big for me, They were my childhood idols. That week ended up being 2 weeks and just a month later I left School and ended up staying 3,5 years there. It shaped me into the person I am today.

So how did I end up there?! I wrote a long email about myself and my goals in life, I clicked sent and didn't get an replay, so I wrote a hand written letter as well and after couple of days I got an email from Alexander.

However the showjumping and the life as a groom was not something I wanted to do for a long time as the reason I left school was because I wanted to work in the horse racing industry. So at age 19 I decided to move to Sydney and I again contacted couple of big names in the sport and got myself a job in Sydney, I stayed there for 7 years. I was really bad at English and I still don't think I'm a star at it, It was nervous to travel all the way to Australia on my own so young. I remember how I didn't understand anything when the Australians were speaking, I was really bad at English, but as long as you are not afraid of making mistakes you will learn very quickly.

I also remembering at age 15 when I decided to leave school to work with horses people were telling me what about if you change your mind and want to do something else when you are 25?! It is obviously a big step to leave school at that age but it never really worried me.

Here I am today 27 years old and not interested of working with horses anymore.

I still love them, but 2 years ago I totally fell in love with trail running, the beauty of mountains and I was so inspired of people like Dean Karnazes, Pat Farmer and other adventurer and ultra runners who were doing extraordinary adventures that I just wanted to do the same thing.

That's were the idea of my ski expedition came up. I'm still dreaming about doing it running but my legs are not ready for that just yet. So I thought skis would be a good option.

So from end of July when the idea came up in my head to actually make it happen was a challenge it self. I had never skied, never slept in a tent winter time and only a very few times summer time and I had never navigate myself or planned a trip like that.

I was still on crutches due to a very nasty stress fracture on my fibula at the time and I had a very tight budget after been traveling for 4 months in Europe. I was back in Australia in August and knew I would only have about 4 months to work and save some money, so to be able to make the trip happen so soon I would need sponsors as well.

The first step was to jump on google and try to found somebody who had done something similar. I found Deluxe turer and emailed Niclas Bentzer who later became a huge support for me. He answered all my weird questions I had about this trip, everything from thoughts about equipment to how many km is realistic to ski a day. I didn't even know what bindings were and had never seen a pair of ski boots. So I had a lot of questions as you can understand.

I also got in touch with somebody who lived in Alta to get some more information about Finnmarksvidda and in Australia I had Pat Farmer to help me with training and his experience from crossing the North and South Pole.

So don't be afraid to contact people who have done similar adventures, ask questions and be open minded. I always believe you can learn something of everyone you meet. I also believe it is important to have people to look up to in your life. Somebody who inspire you!

I have heaps of people who inspires me in life. Remember that everybody were once a beginner!

Second step were getting the partners and companies to believe in my adventure and to set a budget.

I didn't own one single winter gear. So it wasn't a cheap trip.

This entire part of contacting companies was totally new to me and I knew very little about it.

All these companies will have heaps of people who are contacting them every day about sponsorship. So my first thought was that I need something eye catching to stand out a little bit from everyone else.

I spent a lot of time to set up my website and instead of just sending an email about me and my adventure I made a very nice power point presentation in matching colours with my logo who my cousin did for me.

In the power point presentation I had different pages

  • About me and previous adventures

  • The adventure

  • How to follow my adventure

  • The reason for this adventure

  • Publicity for my adventure

  • My photos from previous travels and adventures.

When I had all that ready I started to send out emails, I was in front of the computer every day for hours and hours to send emails and found information about the trip, draw the route on maps etc. It was hard work and many times it felt hopeless and I felt like I was spending all this time on the computer for nothing. But I didn't want to give up. I just said to myself that somehow it will workout for me and it did. But it was never easy!

Now I'm standing in front of my next challenge and that is to make a living out of this. The option out there is endless and it is just me that can turn all this into something. Maybe writing articles, public speaking, Youtube channel and maybe in the future guided ski trips or running workshops. I believe there is heaps of options out there I just need to found out what I really want to do.

Maybe you have any ideas?

// Gina Johansen xx

Svensk Översättning

Jag avslutade mitt förra inlägg med en fråga till alla er där ute, Har ni ställt frågan till er själva? "-om du är nöjd med livet och lever du det livet du drömmer om. " kanske du är upp för en förändring. Det kan vara något litet eller kanske en stor förändring i ditt liv?

När jag var tonåring var mitt favorit citat "Don't dream your life, Live your dream"

Jag har alltid sagt till mig själv att göra vad som gör mig lycklig i livet. Jag vill skriva om mina tankar kring detta och hur jag har uppnått mina drömmar i livet hittills.

Den viktigaste delen är att tro på dig själv, så måste du vara redo att arbeta hårt för att uppnå ditt mål, "ingenting är gratis i det här livet", och sen ge aldrig upp! Det är väldigt viktigt att tro på dig själv, Om du någonsin tvivlar på att du kan uppnå ditt mål, kommer du troligtvis inte att uppnå det. Jag gillar att jämföra det med en enkel sak som att göra en kullerbytta, det är ju jätte enkelt, eller hur? Men om du tvivlar på att du kan göra en kullerbytta så kommer du bara att komma halvvägs. Men om du säger till dig själv - att jag kan göra detta! Då kommer du att pusha hela vägen och du kommer utan problem att klara av det. (Jag var väldigt dålig på att göra kullerbyttor, endast för jag sa till mig att jag inte kunde göra dem.)