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Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sunday morning I got a little taste of what my up coming adventure will be like. I know it won't be easy and after Sunday's training session I can say it will be really tough.

But I'm really excited and can't wait to get going with the training and planing of my trip.

It's a lot of job to do before February. But with hard work I will get there.

I have lots of people around me who have given me a lot of advices and helped me into the right direction. I have got a lot of help from David Erixon and Niclas Bentzler ( )

They have done similar trips and knows the area very good.

Here in Australia I have Pat Farmer to help me with my training and everything else around the adventure.

It is very helpful to have somebody with that much experience to help me.


On Sunday morning we met at Maroubra beach at 5;30 in the morning.

Sunday have been my only sleep morning as I work 6 days a week at 4 am every day, But from this week i will have Wednesdays off as well.

I was very excited to get down there and start the training, at 6 am we had the tyres ready.

Wasn't sure what to expect of the morning but I thought that me maybe be doing 4 laps (4km) up and down, How wrong I were. 10 km, it is 10 laps up and down Maroubra beach. It took us 3 hours. It was so hard. Toughest part was the harness. It fitted me so badly, the harness was squeezing into my stomach just below my ribs and it was pulling from there. So painful.

But it wasn't any excuses, the workout had to be down and as Pat said it is not going to be any easy ways to get through this journey, it will be hard and uncomfortable out there.

- You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable .

It is so true. I just had to ignore the harness and my sore stomach that is so bruised today.

For 3 hours we were pushing ourselves up and down the beach. A lot of people were looking at us with a question mark, other people came up and asked what we were training for.

We didn't even stop for a drink of water or to empty the shoes of sands. I was really thirsty and knowing that my water bottle was in my bag that we passed at one end of the beach the entire time made me even more thirsty. But I didn't wanna say anything. I just kept up with Pat and stayed positive. The last 2 laps I struggled really bad. my stomach was so sore and I was really tired but I got there with out slowing down. It surely was one hell of a morning, Usually I feel so great after training, but while having breakfast at the café afterwards I felt like vomiting the entire time. Not sure if it was because I was so tired or because of the harness that was pulling on my stomach the entire training session..

Couple of hours later I started to feel really good again and my body recovered so good, Well my stomach is still very sore but that's okay, as long as my muscles and everything else is feeling good.

On Monday I did a training session at Coogee stairs. My favourite workout. It's so hard but I love running stairs. It never get's easy. Since my injury I have build up the workload slowly and a day at the stairs would be 1 km run down there, then a walk up the 240 steps, turn around walk down, after that I will run 5 times and finish off with a walk up before I jog back home.

We have a rockpool outside our house so I use to stop there and ice my legs in the cold salt water.

My leg was really tired. I actually felt really good running down to the stairs but as soon as I started to walk up I could feel how tired they were. You know it will be a hell of a workout when your legs are tired just walking up and you then have to run 5 times up and finishing off with walking every second step up. I got it done but it was really hard. Very surprising the legs felt so fresh on the little jog back home.

On Tuesday, I was planning to go for a little run at Malabar headland and then a gym session. But I decided to just do the gym and boxing and give the legs an extra rest. I did a massage today instead. soo nice.

Tomorrow. (Wednesday) I will be back down at Maroubra beach at 5 am to meet Pat and do another 10 laps up and down the beach. I looking forward to that!

This was a little update from the training I have done last couple of days.


What do you guys think about my Logo?

My very talented cousin Anneli has done them. I have 3 different to have them suitable for Background photo on Facebook, Logo on my website, Business card and to print on my training top. You can check out more of Anneli's art work on her website

or her --- >>> Facebook page

// Gina Johansen xx

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