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- Stepping up the training -

For the past two weeks I have done 3 session a week with the tyres. Sunday and Wednesday morning I start at 5 am and have been doing 10 laps up and down. It's 10 km and takes about 3 hours to do. Every Friday afternoon I've done 6 km/6 laps on the beach.

This week we also introduce a little bit of running with the tyres, that is really hard and today we change the beach to the streets and parks. We started with one lap at the beach and after that we continued up on Fitzgerald Ave to Coral Sea Park and then down to Malabar beach, up to the headland turned around up there and went over Pioneers park and back to Maroubra beach.

The beach is definitely harder then dragging around on the streets and at the parks. But we did a lot of up hill today and that is tough. The skiing trip won't be flat so I have to get used to the hills as well. The sand on the beach makes it so uncomfortable, Imagine walking around with shoes that is 1 size to smal and on top of that full of sand.

I have also done Coogee stairs twice a week 10 x 240 steps running up and walking back down, once a week a little run at Malabar headland, roller skiing once a week around Centennial Park and trying to do 2-3 gym sessions with a little bite of upper body, core, strength and balance exercises.

The stairs are always hard to do, and I can tell you that after done 10 laps with a tyre on the beach and go and run stairs the next day is not going to make it easier. You just have to ignore that the legs are tired and focusing on each time you going up. I usually focusing on getting to 5 laps and after that to 10 laps. I do the same when I drag the tyre. I focusing on getting to 5 laps and after that just a few more to get to 10 laps. It makes it easier to get through the session.

Pat who helps me with my skiing trip wants me to start to drag the tyre for about 2-3 hours

every day now. Most of the days will be late in the evenings around a park but I will do twice a week early at Maroubra beach and when I get stronger we will add another tyre. ( Not sure how I will be able to drag two of them )

When I step up the training with the tyre I will probably just do the stairs once a week. and maybe a little run at the headland once a week. I also like to do the roller skis and 1-2 gym sessions every week. How ever they don't have to be very long. But I like to do a bit of core, strength and balance exercises.

And of course stretches every day..

Parts of Coogee stairs

Malabar headland,

Strength and balance ,


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Next week I will give you guys some ideas how to make easy lunch prepps for the week that are healthy, vegan and super delicious. , Stay tunned for that.

// Gina Johansen

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