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Nordkapp to Sälen, 2000 km solo on skis.

Imagine temperatures down to minus 40 degrees, while battling strong winds and having a minimum of one to two hours of day light. It is only you and the white landscapes as far as the eye can reach

The 1st of February 2018 will be the start of a testing 2000km solo ski adventure, that I will embark on. The journey starts at the most northern part of Europe North Cape (Nordkapp) continuing down to Sälen in Sweden.

My name is Gina Johansen, I am a twenty-six years old Swedish female, who has been living and working in Sydney since October 2010. I have a strong background in Equestrian and as a result have been working in the horse racing industry as a track rider at Royal Randwick for seven years.

However my true passion lies in outdoor adventure.

First, let me briefly talk you through where this idea came from and then how I intend on doing this. For many years the Australian Ultra Marathon runner Pat Farmer has inspired me. Pat has some truly amazing stories of endurance and testing his strength. Carrying out expeditions and runs from the North to the South Pole without so much as a day off! He has also participated in runs around and across Australia while also completing many other marathons through out various countries all over the world, all while raising millions of dollar to people in need. Given my passion for running and love for the outdoors it seemed a perfect fit, this is what I want to do.

Challenge my mind and body on a new and completely audacious level.

I want to challenge myself in a new way. Cycling to Cairns from Sydney was the most recent challenge I have completed. Along with my boyfriend we cycled 2700km through some of the harshest and most spectacular landscape I have ever seen. Previous to that I have completed running races in the mountains and love how running tests my body and mind. I often visit the Blue Mountains mainly to run the various trail tracks that are located there. As I have experienced these two types of adventures with specific rigorous training I have now started looking into new types of adventures. Skiing is a type of physical exertion that my body can handle. The impact and stress is not unfamiliar to that of a marathon runner and while I enjoyed the cycle to Cairns I wanted a new adventure.