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Less than 2 months to go.

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for the slow updates here. I'm working so hard to organise my expedition along with training and work. It's less than 2 months to go now. The time is flying and I still have a lot to organise before I can sit back and relax. I have to do more work on the exactly route and go through maps, organise food depots, waypoints on my gps etc, I need to organise so I can stay somewhere around the northern Sweden/Norway to get ready and do my final training and test the gears before I set off. The drive up to Nordkapp,

When I get to Sweden I will need to set up my YouTube channel, Organise all my gears, It's still a lot of things I need to buy when I get to Sweden, work a bit more on my navigation skills, get used to use my multi-fuel kitchen from Primus and set up my tent, learn how to repair kitchen, bindings and other things that may need repairing during my trip. This is just some of all things that need to get done before I can set of.

I'm also organising with my friend to run my social media channels like Facebook page, Instagram and blog so you guys can follow my adventure. How good isn't that?


What else is news? Christmas is coming up soon, My favourite time of the year. I love everything that has to do with Christmas. It's hard to get in a real Christmas feeling in Sydney when the weather is so hot. But we are doing our best to keep the Christmas spirit up. I will share some of my Christmas inspired vegan recipes with you guys. I will try to have them up before next week. Do you have any good vegan Christmas recipes to share?

Tomorrow we celebrate Lucia in Sweden and yes we have a Swedish Lucia celebration in Sydney as well. Yeay! Lucky us. I'm going to watch it tomorrow at café Svensson/ Swedish church. I'm not going to write the entire story about St Lucia and why we are celebrating it. You can google that ;-)

But if you want to know what the celebrations is more about you can check my Insta story tomorrow evening. Link here


Last week I did a blood test to check my vitamin and Iron levels. I have been feeling tired and a bit weak. My result came back with extremely low Iron which explained why I haven't been feeling great. My levels was down on 12, last year at this time I hade 62 on a vegan diet. before that I was eating meat and had low as well 17-25. I think my diet is pretty good, But something isn't in balance as my body can't absorb the iron. If you are under 15 you are Iron deficient. I got an referral to do an Iron infusion of my doctor and got it done today and I haven't been this scared and nervous in a long time. I hate needles and to sit there for an hour wasn't something I were keen on. How ever I did very well and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I actually had 2 bad dreams about the Iron infusion, that explains how much I hate needles. It should take about 7 days before I should feel an increase in my energy. fingers crossed this will work.

When your Iron level is low your muscles doesn't get enough oxygen. Iron is an substance in the red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body. You can just imagine how it feels to exercise when your muscles doesn't get enough oxygen.


I signed up for a trial at F45 gym last week and I loved the classes there. Because I have felt weak and tired I just did one session a day. I wanted to drag the tyre as well but decided that one class at F45 was enough. I'm going to continue with the classes there until I leave Sydney. They are great strength and cardio training for the entire body. I will also add the tyre and some running as soon as my energy level goes back up. I want to do 2 session a day then.

This was everything from me today,

Before I check out I will also say thank you to all my partners who makes it possible for me to take on this adventure and dream of mine. You can help me to thank them to go in and like and follow them on their social media pages.

// Gina Johansen xx


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