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Finally arrived in Sweden

I have finally arrived in Sweden and I'm flat out trying to organise everything for the trip and prepare myself as good as I can. It was minus 3 and snow when I arrived in Oslo, Norway. Coming from 37 C it felt really cold. I had a 3 hour bus ride from the airport in Oslo to my home and closer to Sweden I got it was less snow and once I arrived at home it wasn't any snow, but the temperatures dropped down to minus 10 last night. In Sydney they had heat record with 47C in Penrith.


So my plan from now on is to keep my training going with gym and running for the next 2-3 weeks while I'm at home. After that I will head up to Northern Norway to a city called Alta and spend 2 weeks there before I heading up to North Cape to start my trip. There is a little possibility that I will head up to Northern Sweden for a week as well.

I have a lot of planning to do now. Organise all my gear and order things I need etc. Go through my maps and the route. I'm still a bit tired from the flight from Sydney. It's so long and boring to travel that far. It was really hard to leave my boyfriend in Sydney and it made the flight even harder. Especially the first stage of the trip. I hope the time will fly for both of us.

I have started a fundraising to get some extra help to cover some of the cost for my trip. Any help is much appreciate. I also appreciate all the help I get along the way.

Please share my fundraising page on your Facebook so I can reach out to more people about my adventure, Thank you beautiful people..


My last couple of days I spent in Kangaroo Valley, about a 2 hours drive south west from Sydney. My boyfriend had booked a beautiful accommodation there for 2 nights for us. I can't believe I haven't been in that area before. The nature there was sooo beautiful. We had a great time together. Good food, wine, hiking and trail running.


Stay tunned for more update about trip, it will come the next couple of days. I will also try to update in both English and Swedish. Does anyone know if I Can translate the blog posts with a good program. Preferably not google translator,


//Gina Johansen xx

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