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You have to be a bit Crazy!

It's not long now until I start my big trip.. But first I need to tick of couple of things. Last time I was standing on a pair of skis I was uhmm, 11 years old or something, if that even counts?! Navigation, I have my compass with me to Vemdalen now, So by next week I should now how to use it properly. GPS, I have never used one! But same there, by next week I should now how to use it. Tent, I have slept in a tent before, but never winter time. Next weekend I will get hang of the tent. Kitchen, I have never used a multifuel kitchen before. I have opened it and I know how to take it apart and to fix it if I need to. I need to get petrol to the kitchen so next weekend I will learn how to cook a dinner! What else do I need to know?!

Sometimes I ask myself why I want to do this?! It is a good question. Since July I have spent all my free time to organize this trip, I have been up late in the evenings, waking up tired at 3:30 am to go to work and do it all again. I have spent all my saved money into this trip and I will be on minus after the trip, My boyfriend and I will spend 5 months apart, I have been dragging tyres up and down the beach, which is so boring.

and I know it is not going to be any easier once I start. It will be freezing cold, It will be dark, ( I'm afraid of the dark too) , it will be lonely, it will be long days, I will be tired and sore. The food is not going to be any luxury meals.

Some of you probably think I am crazy. And it is probably true!

I could of booked a nice holiday to Asia, traveled around, enjoyed nice food and good company, worked and spent the evenings with friends and families. No commitments at all. But I know I would of been bored. I want to travel to remote places, push my body, and I want to experience how it is to be on my own when it is as toughest, to be outside my comfort zone and have a goal to work towards. The most important is to believe in yourself. I believe we can achieve anything we put our mind toward, if you give it 100% . and maybe a bit of "craziness" ...


I'm now on the bus to Vemdalen from Stokholm. I will stay there for couple of days before I heading back home for the weekend and on the 29th I'll fly out to Alta.

It has been a huge change to be in Sweden compare from Sydney. It's really strange with the short days and of course the cold. I don't really mind the cold weather. But the dark is a bit different, It's strange when it's 4pm and already dark outside or when I wake up early in the morning and it is dark until 8:30-9am. The days will be even shorter up in Northern Norway.


If you would like to support my journey click on the link below

The donated money will cover gear that I still need to be safe out there, but it can also help me so I can afford to sleep in the mountain cabin or mountains station couple of nights, Or get a cooked meal at a mountain station, I will also activate my swish soon.