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First kilometers on Finnmarksvidda


I'm back in Alta now for couple of days and hoping to start my trip end of this week or the weekend.. I have been waiting for couple of things to arrive here. I got my skis yesterday from Outdoor Experten together with couple of other gears. I also got my sled from Aca Pulka on friday. In the same time I was really excited to try my new sled, I were also a bit nervous. Nervous about the weight. My luggage I hade with me to Alta was heavy.

So on Saturday Nina and I decided to do a little trip on skis with the dogs to a cabin on the mountain plateau near Alta, We went to a cabin called Reinbukkelvhytta.

It took us about 2 hours to go on skis out there. I had my sled with all our gear in it. It's hard to say how heavy the sled will be when I start. But we had a lot of stuff with us just for one night now. Including wood to the stove and of course beer and wine to after ski. So maybe the sled will be around the same weight for me. When we packed the sled and carried it out to the car I was a bit worried about the weight but it was so easy drag on the snow. I didn't notice the sled behind me.

I have to remember that we skied on prepared track which makes it a lot easier and it was really flat.

This was my first time up on the mountain plateau and 5th times on skis ever and first time dragging a sled on skis. Pretty crazy that I soon will be out there on my own for 2000 km..

It will be a lot of time in my own mind. This weekend I had company of Nina.

I met Nina and her husband Stefan just a week ago. After been in touch with Stefan over email to get advice about my trip he offered me to stay at their place for couple of days before I'm heading up to North Cape. It feels like I have known them forever.

Nina and I had a really good time on our little weekend trip. We went all in with Beer ( of course you need after ski beer) Rose wine, cheese, biscuits and a pre cooked dinner we heated up on the stove in the cabin and of course chocolate. We shared stories, talked about life, laughed and played Yatzy while listened to the wind outside.

Who would not love a weekend like this with friends? It is so much more fun than just sitting at home or going to a pub. If you haven't tried yet. This should be your next weekend adventure with friends or families. The mountain cabin's in Norway and Sweden are open to everyone. If you are a member of STF you will get discount when you stay in a mountain cabin.

The Cabin we stayed in.

After ski beer it's a must

Nina and I on the way back home.

A night photo of the cabin we stayed in.

We had a nice headwind on the way back the second day.

A photo of my sled, It's so light and easy to drag but still really big to fit all my gear and stable to drag. If a storm comes in and I can't get my tent up or manage to dig a snow pit I can easily sleep in the sled as well.


If you want to follow my trip I will update photos and information how everything is going on my Facebook page so go in and follow it -->

// Gina Johansen xx

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