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First part of the trip hasn't been easy....

Hello everyone! Here's Ginas old friend Ylva by the buttons. I get messages from Gina on Facebook and from satellite but since she cannot connect on a computer were she is now I'm helping her a little with the blog and some of the other social medias but mostly I'll help with the blog.

The following text is written with inspiration from her own words but maybe a little bit written in my way. We still hope you'll enjoy following this Escape from the ordinary!

Monday two weeks ago I started my trip when I left Skaidi after a bit delayed start since the weather was really bad. I got stuck in a cabin in Lafjorden with a bunch of Norwegian crazy men! It wasn’t too bad since I got to ride a scooter and tried to eat a bird called “Rypa” that they hunted themselves and I also tried King crab the fished in the ocean outside so overall it was quite cool to be stuck with them there.

From Skaidi I managed to get to Myrlandshytta which took me 2 days. The last day was really rough as I walked 11,5 hours to get to the cabin. Well there I had a resting day because of the bad weather conditions and the said it would be very stormy.

When I got from Myrlandshytta I knew I had three long days to get to next stop – Jotka. The first two days there were NO TRACKS AT ALL – I walked in deep snow and had absolutely no sight in front of me! It was like walking towards a white wall – really stressful psychologically… I couldn’t see if it was up- or downhill and couldn’t see anything around me.

Luckily I could find the way with help from my GPS. After 2 rough days with no sight where I was going I woke up Saturday morning this last weekend with -25 degrees and AMAZING view with a clear eyesight. I started the morning seeing the moon go down on one side and the sun coming up on the other one – truly amazing! I wish more people could get the chance to explore that!

First kilometer I walked again in deep snow but after a while I got to a scootertrack that I could follow towards Jotka. When I finally arrived at Jotka I enjoyed the sauna and a bath tub outside at the same time as the Northern Lights lit the dark sky. TRUE MAGIC!!