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My evening routines in the tent.

Hello Friends and followers! Ylva is back here with some news from Gina. She thought it would be interesting to know a little about her evening routines with the tent and I couldn´t agree more.

The rest is written in her own words and touched by me before publishing.

"I was going to share with you guys what routines I do in the tent before sleeping. Usually I finish skiing at 5.30-6 PM and that means I´ve been on my skis about 10-11 hours a normal day.

First I make the snow really flat with my skis at the ground where I want to have my tent that night. After that my skis comes off and I take my bivac boots on, and also I take my warm jacket on and after that I bring my tent forward. I keep the tent halfely put apart between the nights, it´s faster that way. I´ve put tape on the rods so I only have to take them apart in the middle and then I can roll the tent together. Supereasy!

Once the tent is up I dig out in the front så I can stand almost tall inside when I cook and eat food.

After that I bring all my stuff that I need for the night inside: food, kitchen, change of clothes, camera and some other small things.

Finally inside and with the tent up I use the gas lighter in the kitchen: I put it in my armpit first to heat it up faster and start to use the kitchen once it´s ready. Both for the warmt and to melt snow so I get water for the next day. I´ve never took time of how long it takes to melt the snow to get water but I´d guess around 1-1,5 hours.

I fill up a bottle with warm water and put it in my sleeping bag and after that I put my batteries, powerbanks and outher sensitive things around it so it can be warmed up and I can start to load my phone or other things that need to be reloaded while I eat dinner and prepare for the day after.

Preparing for the day after is simple: I fill up my bag with a big chocolate cake, I fill up my food thermos med blueberry or rosehip powder, crispbread, a sausage if it´s finished and in my pants another chocolate cake and also some nuts in my jacket.

After dinner and after I´ve prepared for the day after I brush my teeth, change my clothes (if not already done because of the sweat) and after that I get into my sleepingbag. I sleep with all my batteries, powerbank, GPS, telefon and my gloves and socks.

The morning routines are v ery simple: I get up, engage power enough to get out from a warm sleeping bag inside a cold tent. I take more clothes on, start my kitchen, warm some water that might have gone cold overnight and eat breakfast. After that I bring all my stuff out to the sledge. Everything has it´s own place in the sledge so that it´s quick and easy to find and put in the right place (even if bad weather comes in....)